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Historic, archived document 

Do not assume content reflects current 
scientific knowledge, policies, or practices. 


Bearded Iris 
Oriental Iris 
Dutch Iris 


Cooley S (gardens . SllmtoH, Oregon 


BEARDED IRIS will be shipped beginning about June 
20th, and shipping continues throughout the summer 
and early fall. Except in the Southern States early 
planting is advised so that plants may become estab- 
lished before frost. Practically every case of loss is the 
result of too late planting. No shipments made during 
the spring. 

ORIENTAL IRIS, commonly known as Japanese iris, 
will be shipped in the fall only, as early as possible after 
September 1st. 

DAFFODILS and TULIPS will be delivered during 
September and October, but as noted in the Daffodil 
Section of this catalog, no orders for these can be 
accepted after October 1 5th. Supply of Daffodil and 
Tulip Novelties is limited . . . please order early. 

TRANSPORTATION is by prepaid parcel post or 
express, whichever we deem most expedient. Be sure to 
state your express office if different from postal address. 

TERMS are cash with the order, either check, draft or 
money order. We do not advise the enclosure of cur- 
rency with your order. We ask that you refrain from 
requesting C.O.D. shipment. This adds to cost and 
places us in an embarrasing position when such deliv- 
eries are sometimes unclaimed or addressee postpones 

WE GUARANTEE all plants to be true to name, first 
size, free from disease and pests, and to reach you in a 
live and healthy condition. Our plants arrive annually 
in all parts of the U.S.A. and Canada in perfect shape 
and resulting customer satisfaction has built our bus- 
iness from a small backyard venture to one of America's 
best known horticultural establishments. 


J^m things 

for Your 1943 Garden 


Every dyed-in-the-wool flower grower wants to know 
about them, even though they may not find their 
way into your own particular garden until some 
future date. Here they are — 


OREGON TRAIL Each $15.00 

A big heavy textured flower in smoothly blended shades of 
tawney salmon. There is a rich gold beard and odd soft brown 
areas surmounting the falls. Dr. Kleinsorge nicknamed this 
iris "Brown Shoulders'" but the name finally chosen is in 
honor of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the state 
of Oregon. This distinct blend of rich colors, much deeper 
and more vivid than such things as Sandalwood, Far West, 
or Fiesta, ranks along with Old Parchment, Tobacco Road 
and Aztec Copper for sheer individuality. Medium in height, 
three feet or slightly over, with heavy stems and large flowers ; 
very late. 

RANGER Each $10.00 

Dark but very brilliant, almost true crimson red. A decided 
self, with long cone-shaped closed standards. Now that many 
new near red irises are coming to us each year, we must 
exercise caution before introducing another. We grew the 
best reds obtainable for comparison, with the result that we 
were convinced beyond doubt that RANGER is in a class 
by itself. Nearest to it is Red Valor. One of the last to bloom, 
a sure producer of flowers and lots of them, with straight 
stems and fine branching. Very large, 36 inches tall. 

PEACH GLOW Each $10.00 

A seedling of Daybreak and another truly beautiful almost 
true peach-pink iris. While the individual flowers are large 
and perfectly proportioned, it is as a garden clump that this 
lovely creation is startlingly effective. The tall wiry stems 
bear a great number of flowers which last from early mid- 
season to late. As colorful and luscious as a bowl of Georgia 

ILLUSION Limited Stock, $10.00 each 

An Ormohr seedling, altogether different from either the 
parent or any others in this series, but with the peculiar 
elusive different air about it that marks these Wm. Mohr 
hybrids. ILLUSION is delicate lilac pink in color, with tawny 
brown overlay on the haft and a brown tipped beard having 
a slight crest at the end. The very last iris to flower in our 
garden, it is a mass of huge blooms of ethereal lilac pink 
color, but slightly smaller in size than Ormohr. Well branched, 
about 30 inches tall, with some stems slightly taller. 


MEXICO Each $10.00 

Gay and brilliant, a blended bi-color of buff golden standards 
and broad plush-like falls of glowing red brown. Now there 
are many irises in this color combination, but this one is 
not the ordinary variegata type that you might expect. In 
the first place, it is a perfectly gigantic flower, with the falls 
slightly waved at the edges. And then there is a coppery 
orange suffusion about it that makes it appear more as a 
blend than a definite bicolor. This is another of the very 
latest varieties, extending the iris season after most others 
have passed by. 

From EDGAR BECK, Chattanooga, Tenn. 
MISS ANN Each $10.00 

In 1941 we heard about the splendid seedlings raised by Mr. 
Beck, a Chattanooga amateur. Two of the finest ones were 
sent to us for trial and we selected this one for introduction. 
Most difficult to describe, it is a blend of pearly pink tones, a 
magnificent iris with very broad falls and huge standards, 
as nearly perfect in shape and style as one might wish for. 
It contains the fleeting tints found in an opal, but the blos- 
soms are of thick substance and endured the pouring rain 
and heavy wind we experienced last season as though they 
were fashioned out of enamel. A beautiful and thoroughly 
fine iris. 


Conducted by Kenneth D. Smith, Staten Island, New York 

C^^RjEAT lakes, the 1942 Dykes medalist, is the winner in this Fourth Symposium and so 
displaces Wabash, which has ranked in first place for the past three years. Both iris received votes 
from 67 of the 75 Judges voting, but due to the new set-up used this year whereby Judges classified iris 
into three groups and awarded different point scores to each. Great Lakes won by 17 points. This 
result should prove very popular and shows that the Dykes award was well earned and fittingly bestowed. 
This year Judges voted for 50 tall bearded iris receiving H.M., A.M., or Dykes awards from the A.l.S. 
They classified these iris into three groups: the first 10 in Group A; the second 20 in Group B, and the 
remaining 20 in Group C. In tabulating Group A iris, each received a score of 3 points ; Group B, 2 points ; 
and Group C, 1 point. By thus allowing Judges to evaluate iris and assign them to various groups, it 
was felt that the final tabulation would more accurately reflect the true numerical standing of each iris, 
and this was proved when Great Lakes emerged the winner. It is also shown by Elmohr, the sensation 
of the 1942 iris season, making this Symposium. Ordinarily, a new iris not well distributed would com- 
mand few votes, but with the point score being used and with 7 Judges placing it in Class A and 2 in 
Class B, the 25 points entitled it to rank seventy-ninth. Elmohr is classified as a hybrid and not as a 
tall bearded iris, and perhaps should not be eligible for the Symposium, but because it has all of the 
characteristics of the tall bearded and the majority of people do not differentiate, I have allowed it, as 
well as Ormohr, to be ranked. 

For those interested in comparing the ranking of a particular iris in this and in last year's Symposium, 
I have placed its 1942 standing after each name in parenthesis ( ). 

of Votes 

1. Great Lakes (2) 179 

2. Wabash (1) 162 

3. Prairie Sunset (5) 1 5Q 

4. Golden Majesty (15) 145 

5. Deep Velvet (lb) 136 

6. The Red Douglas (2) 135 

7. Golden Fleece (12) 133 

Spun Gold (11) 133 

9. Sable (9) 128 

10. City of Lincoln (2) 126 

11. Fair Elaine (10) 119 

12. Amigo (6) 114 

13. China Maid (6) 103 

14. Melitza (26) 99 

15. Golden Treasure (8) 92 

16. Old Parchment (22) 81 

17. Christabel (16) 79 

18. Elsa Sass (12) 76 

Junalaska (16) 76 

Shining Waters (12) 76 

21. Gloriole (30) 75 

22. Caroline Burr (48) 74 

Matterhorn (35) 74 

24. Arctic (61) 73 

25. Golden Spike (38) 72 

Ruth Pollock (26) 72 

27. Ming Yellow (35) 66 

Missouri (35) 66 

29. Yellow Jewel (30) 64 

30. Angelus (20) 62 

Snow Flurry (24) 62 

32. Mount Washington (21 ) 61 

Stardom (57) 61 

34. Balmung (38) 59 

of Votes 

35. Captain Wells (91) 55 

Lighthouse (22) 55 

Red Valor (46) 55 

38. Copper Rose ( — ) 53 

Daybreak (—) 53 

40. E. B. Williamson (19) 51 

Frank Adams (30) 51 

Red Gleam (26) 51 

43. Rosy Wings (41) 47 

Sierra Blue (46) 47 

45. Midwest Gem (26) 46 

Radiant (30) 46 

47. Louvois (38) 44 

48. Mary E. Nichols (66) 43 

49. Copper Lustre (53) 41 

Lancaster (66) 41 

51. Morocco Rose (43) 40 

52. Aubanel (34) 39 

Violet Symphony (71) 39 

54. Storm King (61) 38 

55. California Gold (43) 36 

Naranja (24) 36 

57. Golden Eagle (— ) 35 

West Point (57) 35 

59. Gudrun (72) 33 

Miss California (81) 33 

61. Brunhilde (48) 31 

Cheerio (66) 31 

Golden Hind (51) 31 

64. Florentine (64) 30 

Garden Magic (53) 30 

Matula (45) 30 

Prince of Orange ( — ) 30 

Tiffany (57) 30 

of Votes 

69. Blue Shimmer (— ) 29 

Stella Polaris (57) 29 

71. Snow Carnival ( — ) 28 

Snow King (51) 28 

73. The Admiral (91) 27 

Winter Carnival ( — ) 27 

75. Buttercup Lane ( — ) 26 

Indiana Night ( — ) 26 

Late Sun ( — ) 26 

Treasure Island (81) 26 

79. Chicory Blue (— ) 25 

Dubrovnik (48) 25 

Elmohr (— ) 25 

Jean Cayeux (66) 25 

Ozone (76) 25 

84. Lady Naomi (— ) 24 

Missouri Night ( — ) 24 

86. Easter Morn (72) 23 

Flora Zenor ( — ) 23 

Mary Vernon ( — ) 23 

89. Edward Lapham ( — ) 22 

Exclusive (61 ) 22 

Franconia ( — ) 22 

Ormohr (— ) 22. 

93. Mount Cloud (72) 20 

Raejean ( — ) 20 

95. Icy Blue (91) 19 

L. Merton Gage ( — ) 19 

Shah Jehan (53) 19 

98. Depute Nomblot (85) 18 

Mellowglow (— ) 18 

San Francisco (87) 18 

Wakarusa (— ) 18 


Zhe World 's 
nest IRIS 

♦ ♦ ♦ 

ALASTOR Each $3.00 

A newcomer from England and one of the very few excep- 
tional irises originated there in recent years. This is a beau- 
tifully formed flower in deep pink tones, pronouncedly golden 
in the center, and with a golden hazel brown haft. Limited 

ALINE Each 25c ; 3 for 60c 

A truly lovely clean pure blue, large in size, on tall stems. 
Possesses and unusual enamel-like lustre. 

ALLUMEUSE Each $ 1 . 00 ; 3 for $2 . 50 

A gorgeously colored new thing from the originator oi 
Gloriole and Rosy Wings, Mr. Gage. A greatly improved Sir 
Michael, with mahogany falls and bright violet standards, 
set off by a fiery orange beard. Height 45 inches. 

AMIGO Each $1.00 

A very richly colored iris with light bluish violet standards 
and deep purple falls margined white. The contrast is very 
striking and resembles the most velvety pansies. 

AMITOLA Each 35c 

A blend of pink and rose, larger and more delicately colored 
than Rameses. The central portion is overlaid with gold and 

ANAKIM Each 50c ; 3 for $1 

A bold and very tall lavender self, one of the parents of the 
famous Ormohr. Not a fast increaser, we have been able to 
offer it only in alternate years. Not recommended for severe 

ANGELUS Each 75c 

In color a bright light pink, with slight lavender iridescence 
just below the lemon beard. Throughout the center there is a 
delicate infusion of lemon yellow. Large, shape of Depute 
Nomblot, 3 feet tall, and very late. 

ANITRA Each 35c ; 3 for 90c 

A silvery sky blue, pure in color, of great size and beautiful 
form. Possibly the best blue origination from the Sass Bros. 

APRICOT Each 75c ; 3 for $2.00 

This is a seedling of Far West, a solidly colored golden apricot 
self. Of medium size, with a slight fluting and ruffling in both 
standards and falls. Height about 3 feet. 

ARCTIC Each $3.00 

A new white and gold iris of gigantic proportions in Hower, 
stalk and foliage. Of perfect form, with ruffled but closed 
standards and broad falls that are as smooth as white enamel. 
There is an area of bright yellow throughout the center of 


the flower that reminds one of Golden Treasure, but this iris 
is gleaming creamy white instead of creamy yellow, and the 
contrast is most striking. Established plants will produce 
spikes four feet and over in height, with as many as six open 
flowers at one time. A Kleinsorge instroduction of 1*^40 

AT DAWNING Each 40c ; 3 for $L00 

Appropriately named flower of huge size, arbutus pink and 
brilliant rose, light yellow at the throat, with pearly suffusion 
in the standards. 

AUBANEL Each $L00; 3 for $2.50 

New pink blend from France, shrimp pink in general tone, 
with yellow center. An improvement on the Frivolite type. 
Very limited stock. 

AUTUMN FROST Each 35c ; 3 for 60c 

The very finest fall blooming white, clean in color and very 
rapid of increase. It has golden markings in the center ot 
each fall. 

AVONDALE Each 35c 

Subdued shades of violet and copper, with a very vivid 
orange beard and inner glow. An iris which has attained great 
popularity for its unicjue color and general excellence. 

AZTEC COPPER Each $2.50 

Kleinsorge introduction of 1939. A rare and subtle blend of 
smokey violets and delicate coppers, blended and washed 
together in lovely harmony to baffle description. Positively 
huge, with broad hafts and leathery substance, wonderfully 
branched. 3b to 40 in. 


BALLET GIRL Each 30c ; 3 for 75c 

Pure blush pink, soft and daintily colored, with large rounded 
flaring falls. The lightest shade of pink of any iris in our 
list, with nicely branched stalks 3 feet in height. 

BALMUNG Each $3.00 

Just about the finest, in our opinion, of all the Sass series of 
yellow plicatas. A more yellow Siegfried, with better form 
and carriage. Much larger than others of this series, with tall 
stejns and good habits. Clean markings of brown etch both 
standards and falls. 

BATAAN Each $7.50 

A very dark blend of coppery plum, henna and rich brown. 
Freshly opened flowers exhibit a very pronounced henna 
cast, some of which is missing in the illustration. An attrac- 
tive feature of this iris is its rather oval shape, the falls 
starting to flare widely and then gracefully curving down- 
ward and slightly backward at the tips — horizontally oval, 
not elongated. This provides an eyefull when viewed at any 

Dr. Kleinsorge again gives us something apart from the 
usual run of iris colors, in a plant with good growing habits, 
well branched stalks, and flowers above average size. Height 
three feet or slightly over. More stock permits lower price 
than in the case of Tobacco Road or Ormaco. 


This was a sensation in our garden during the blooming 
season just ended. It is the tallest and probably the richest 
deep yellow that we have ever grown. The flowers are very 
large on well-branched stems that reach four feet in height. 
A new yellow from Carl Salbach that is worth much more 
than the modest price asked for a new introduction. 

BERMUDA SAND Each $ 1 . 50 

A glorified and gigantic Jean Cayeux, both standards and 
falls heavily ruffled. Deeper in color than Jean Cayeux, a 
light coffee tan with a glint of gold. Freshly opened blooms 
are reddish gold. Strong growing with clean broad foliage 
and sturdy bloom stalks. It is one of the famous seedlings 
from David Hall of Wilmette, Illinois. 

BIRCHBARK Each $1 .00 ; 3 for $2.50 

A white from Dr. Kleinsorge, introduced in 1940. A very 
large flower, the falls broadly spreading and with a pro- 
nounced rounded shape. Solid clean white, with a very cool 
inner glow. Of medium height, to three feet, with splendid 
branching. One of the parents of "Arctic. " 

BEOWULF ' Each 25c 

True maroon red, with a brownish undertone of exceptional 
velvety richness. A seedling of Grace Sturtevant, large, early 
blooming and well branched. 

BEVERLY Each $2.00 

This is a new iris most suitable for garden effect, decidedly 
pink in tone, increasing rapidly and blooming abundantly. 
Blooms are of good size, well shaped, and have a distinct edge 
of golden brown. Heavy yellow beard, slight gold reticula- 
tions. One of the new Lapham pinks. 


Not as tall as some of the other so-called black iris, but one 
of the very best and most richly colored of all. A glossy and 
velvety purple-black; even the beard is extremely dark. No 
veining to mar its inky darkness. 

BLUE DANUBE Each 50c ; 3 for $1 .25 

A rich deep blue self, with blue tipped beard. Very large in 
size, with widely flaring falls. An English introduction. 

BLUE DIAMOND Each $1.50 

A clear sky blue self, clean and sparkling. Lighter in tone 
than Great Lakes, of different form, but of equally high 
quality. The beard shades from blue-white to lemon, adding 
a delicate touch of color. About three feet tall. 

BLUE SPIRE Each $1.50 

A four-foot medium blue self, clear and sparkling, of extra 
fine form. This is one of the best of the famous Milliken blues. 
Awarded an H. M. in 1939. 

BONANZA Each 75c ; 3 for $2.00 

Most yellow of all the new type plicatas, with very rich 
ground color and thick veining of brown on the standards, 
less on the falls. A rapid growing and prolific flowering 

BRONZING Each $1.00; 3 for $2.50 

Standards frosty golden bronze, falls bright coppery bronze. 
This is a very large flower and vigorous grower, from Carl 
Salbach in California. 

BROWN BOY Each $3.50 

Seedling of Copper Lustre and Radiant, from Carl Salbach 
in 1940. A larger flower than Radiant with the very brilliant 
copper and orange tones found in both parents. Of medium 
height but with very low branching. 


A very bright coppery golden brown, much like Copper 
Lustre in appearance and growing habit. It is much more 
brilliant than Copper Lustre. 

BRUNHILDE Each 50c ; 3 for $1 .25 

Very dark uniform violet-blue self, including an unusual blue 
beard. A most regal iris of great color intensity, with splendid 
stems and widely flaring blossoms. 

BUCKSKIN Each $ 1 . 50 ; 3 for $4 . 00 

Bearing a most appropriate title, this iris is by far the best 
tan in our entire collection. The stalks rise to a height of four 
feet, bearing close to a dozen great blooms with large closed 
standards and wide flaring falls. Practically a self in color, it 
makes a magnificent companion to the blue of Great Lakes. 


A dark but blazing metallic red, a flower of great size and 
one which has carved a favorable name for itself these past 
several seasons. It differs from most other reds in its bronzy 

CALCUTTA Each $1.00; 3 for $2.50 

Fall and imposing flower in delicate cocoa-brown tones, 
entirely overlaid with a bluish veil. Of bold growing habit, 
widely branched, carrying more than a dozen blooms per 

CALIFORNIA GOLD Each 25c ; 3 for 60c 

By all odds the best value in a yellow iris at anywhere near 
the price. It is an easy grower and free bloomer, deep glitter- 
ing yellow of very large size, and surpasses everything in its 
color except the recent novelties. We have a huge stock, 
hence the low price. 


A new pink-peach blend from California. This iris has much 
more gold and yellow in it than does China Maid. Well 
branched, with a very long blooming season. 

CAPITOLA Each $2.00 

Bright reddish violet hybrid, quite similar to Wm. Mohr in 
appearance, but a much larger flower w ith a rosy-red effect. 


CAROLINE BURR Each $10.00 

Truly something different in a cream or white iris — a cool 
ivory with an odd cast of soft and elusive green. Large and 
well proportioned, from three to four feet tall, splendidly 
branched. This is our choice of all the fine Kenneth Smith 
introductions. Very limited stock. 


Large creamy ivory self with thick petals, about three teet 
in height. A California introduction and especially fine there. 


Deep old gold standards, considerably ruffled, v\ ith greenish 
mid-ribs. Falls are richest blackishjnaroon. A brighter and 
more striking edition of El Tovar. 


A new thing from France and one which created quite a stir 
last season. The color is bright reddish lilac in a shade that 
is both novel and beautiful. Very few plants. 

CHARM Each 75c ; 3 for $2.00 

Quite a different tone of strawberry red, a bit lighter than 
most other reds, and with a slight smoky wash that seems 
to restrain the color. It is large in size, blooming somewhat 

CHEERIO Each 30c 

In the red class this has no peer at the same price It is tall, 
vigorous, dependable, and a striking red iris in the garden. 
It holds the same position in this color that California Gold 
does amongst the yellows. 

CHINA MAID Each $1.00 

Here again we are confronted with the task of describing an 
indescribable iris! This is in shades of pink, golden copper, 
and lilac, smoothly blended together. Large size and fine form 
add to its high quality. 


Red . . . and it will not disappoint the most exacting critic. 
For sheer brilliance we rank it second only to the new Red 
Gleam from Mr. Lapham, the same originator. Glorious as 
a garden clump, almost a self, of large size, over 3 feet tall. 


Brightest, largest, and surely the finest of all variegatas. 
Clear golden yellow standards, broad fiery red falls, startling 
in their contrast. Of bold habit, one of the triumphs from 
Hans Sass, 


One of the most velvety pieces of deep color that we have 
ever seen in an iris. Glowing blackish wine, without venation, 
set off by a pronounced burnt orange beard. Perfect form 
and good branching, but only about thirty inches in height. 
However, irises of such height are needed tor the foreground. 

COPPER LUSTRE Each 35c ; 3 for 90c 

Entirely different from all others, its great popularity has 
resulted not only from the odd anci beautiful copper tone of 
its flowers, but also from the fact that it performs well in all 
sections of the country. It positively glows in its bright 
copper, gold, and pinkish tan blendings. Dykes Medal, 1938. 
Now sold at a price that will permit everyone to own it 

CORINTHE Each 75c ; 3 for $2.00 

A huge purple self, bishops violet by Ridgeway, with an 
almost white beard, blooming at the very last of the season. 

CRYSTAL BEAUTY Each 25c ; 3 for 60c 

fall, clean white from the Sass Brothers, hardier than Puris- 
sima, giving somewhat the same garden effect. 40 inches. 


Here is a new red singled out by critics as one of the surprises 
in this color group. A large flower of deep red, with domed 
standards and wide flaring falls. It received the Bronze 
Medal of the A.l.S. at the New York World's Fair in 1940. 
Sold out last year, and few plants now available. 

DAYBREAK Each $7.50 

A huge golden pink, with slight undertones of ccjpper. 1 he 
flowers are well shaped, with closed standards and falls that 
are semi-flaring, but there is a suggestion of ruffling in the 
entire blossom. It has excellent branching and the stems are 
three to four feet tall. The name is most appropriate. 

This iris received an award of the American Iris Society 
in 1942, and reports of those w ho have seen it in many parts 
of the country indicate that it w ill be one of the most popular 
varieties that we have ever introduced. 

DEEP VELVET Each $4.00 

A striking Salbach introduction of 1939, one of the richest 
and best dark irises we have yet seen. Self colored in very 
dark, yet bright, blackish red purple, with perfectly formed 
blossoms of very large size. Brownish suffusion at the haft, 
with deep bronze beard. 

DERRILL HART Each $1.00 

A very new thing which might be described as a brighter 
but deeper colored Depute Nomblot. Standards are rose shot 
with bronze, the falls deep velvety wine. Tall and of heavy 

DESTINY Each 40c ; 3 for $1 .00 

A great heavy flower of deepest blackish bronze purple, with 
rich golden beard. From New Zealand, and it ranks as one 
of the truly fine novelties not recently produced in this 
country — there are so few of them. 


The color is richest maroon purple, with bronzy undertone, 
and few irises are of greater size. Newly opened blossoms are 
almost black. Of splendid form and perfect branching habit. 

DYMIA Each 25c ; 3 for 60c 

A rich deep blue self, on the order of Narain but much darker. 
Blooms at the same time and makes a fine companion to it. 
The blue beard intensifies the uniformity of color. Three feet 
tall, very early. 

E. B. WILLIAMSON Each 75c ; 3 for $2.00 

Glowing coppery red blend, a deeper and redder effect than 
Rosy Wings. Not to be confused with either the reds or the 
coppers, it stands in a special niche all its own. Large flowers 
of silky texture, fragrant, on 3-foot stems. Awarded the Gold 
Medal as finest iris in the Rome. Italy, trials. 


This new pink ins is one of the very last to flower in our 
garden. Very tall, with as many as 1 1 blooms per stalk. A 
blend of pink shades, with much cream in its makeup. One 
of Lapham s new ones. 

ELLA WINCHESTER Each 35c ; 3 for 90c 

Rich mahogany red self w ith very long velvety falls. Absence 
of haft markings gives it great depth of color. 

EDWARD LAPHAM Each $17.00 

A very fine new red by the man who produced Red Gleam. 
We do not think that this iris is any redder than Red Gleam, 
however, although it has a very smooth finish and is more 
nearly self colored. The falls have an ox erlay of solid brown 
on the haft. 

ELMOHR Each $17.00 

A \ ery rich red-violet seedling of \\m. Mohr. This is one of 
the most exciting new irises that we have ever grown, and 
it is quite likely to become the most popular of all Wm. Mohr 
seedlings when a lower price makes it available to the 
average gardener. The stems are at least three feet tall with 
excellent branching and a great number of huge blooms. 

ELSA SASS Each $3.00 

An entirely new shade of yellow, clear sulphur, with a green- 
ish cast in its depths and a near white blaze near the haft. 
The blossoms are of large size, rounded in form, and slightly 
frilled at the edges. One of the most startling things ever 
released by the Sass Brothers. 

EROS Each 25c ; 3 for 60c 

Very tall salmon colored self, possibly the nearest to this 
color ideal that has ever been offered. The throat is lit with 
gold, giving it a special brilliance. 


Large, perfectly formed flowers of a brilliant reddish tone. 
At the time of its introduction it was far in advance of all 
other reds. It throws up a few occasional stalks throughout 
the summer and fall. 

ETHEL WYN DUBUAR Each 25c ; 3 for 60c 

Long one of the best and most reliable lilac pinks, w ith very 
large flowers of a uniform shade, set with lemon beard. Very 
pink in effect when planted with either blue or purple sorts. 


We hear a lot about "black" irises; this is surely a near 
approach, with standards of deep blackish violet, and falls 
practically coal black. Substance is extra heavy and velvety, 
with a glistening sheen. 

EVELYN PULLAR Each $1 .00 ; 3 for $2.50 

A real winter bloomer, but actually a tall bearded iris in two 
tones of pale blue with bright yellow beard. Protected from 
snow and freezing weather by a box-like frame, it will pro- 
duce huge stalks of lovely flowers throughout mid-winter. 


A soft powder blue self, quite different from all other blues 
Tall and stately, with blooms of perfect form and thick 
enamel finish. Just a suggestion of yellow in the center to 
liven it up. 

FAIR ELAINE Each $2.00; 3 for $5.00 

Standards are almost cream, the falls an emphatic yellow 
set off with a most fiery orange beard. This and the new Elsa 
Sass are truly distinct innovations in the field of yellow iris, 
now becoming so crowded. 

FAR WEST Each 50c ; 3 for $1 .25 

One of the loveliest of all blends, a rare medley of salmon 
and golden sand, of coral and henna, with a soft glow at the 
heart. It is of bold and sturdy growing habit, the big blooms 
well spaced on fine stalks reaching 40 inches in height. A 
great bargain at this price. 

FIESTA Each $2.50 

Sparkling copper standards, apricot orange falls, a very gay 
affair! The large oval blooms are well held on 3-foot stems. 
From California and a bit tender in severe climates. 


A new russet red, Etruscan red of Ridgeway, from H M. Hill 
of Lafontaine, Kansas. Without prior fanfare this newccHner 
last year turned out to be one of the iris nuggets of 1*540. 
A coppery red on the order of E. B. Williamson, smooth and 
velvety, with fiery brilliance. 

FLORENTINE Each $2.00 

A plicata that is really different! The white ground color is 
entirely dotted with soft blue, with such an overall effect 
that the flower seems quite submerged in flaky blue dust. 
Enormous in size, with good branching. From Cayeux. 

FORTUNE Each $5.00 

Solid and uniform old gold, a flower of startling size and of 
broadly spreading form. The color is not dull, but very much 
alive, due to a peculiar overlay of "rusty red," which seems 
to come from nowhere but is apparent in all parts of the 
flower. This iris is a pronounced self from top to bottom, 
and it carries remarkably well in the garden. Of medium 
height, the gigantic blooms are on a level that permits full 
observation of their size and beauty. 

FRANK ADAMS Each 75c ; 3 for $2.00 

A tall and very well proportioned large new iris with rosy 
tan standards and rosy red falls. Produced by E. G. Lapham, 
of Elkhart, Indiana. Flowers, stalk and foliage are of un- 
usually large size. 


A magnificent deep, glowing, velvety red. For the past two 
or three years this has been generally recognized as the finest 
red in existence. The new Red Gleam is of a lighter tone, 
not quite so large, and a nearer approach to true red. Garden 
Magic is quite late, tall, a big blossom, and wonderfully rich 
without haft markings. 

GLEN ELLEN Each $2.50 

Luminous golden tan with a bronzy suffusion on the falls. 
Flowers are very large on well branched three foot stems. 

GLORIOLE Each 30c ; 3 for 75c 

An ins of huge size with pale blue petals overlaid with frosty 
crystal-like particles. Wonderfully well formed and a noble 
flower. Height 40 inches. Color sometimes called "ice blue." 

GLOWPORT Each 50c ; 3 for $ 1 . 25 

Solidly colored glowing wine red, devoid of haft markings, 
with bronze yellow beard. Introduced in 1939 on its merit as 
an exceptional red iris, it has now proven to be a most 
reliable fall bloomer in various parts of the country. Tall and 
well branched. 

GOLDEN AMBER Each $ 1 . 50 

The name well describes the flower — a soft amber yellow, 
overlaid with old gold. The orange beard livens it up. One of 
Miss Sturtevant's comparatively recent ones. 

GOLDEN FLEECE Each $15.00 

Since the reader might suppose from the name that this iris 
is another deep yellow, we call special attention to the fact 
that it is actually a lemon-colored flower, with creamy falls 
edged gold — wholly unlike any other yellow iris. It is beau- 
tifully ruffled, huge in size, tall and a good grower. At Nash- 
ville, during the A.I.S. meeting in 1941, it stood out as one 
of the most noteworthy of all new introductions. A Sass 
production released in 1940. 


A huge King Tut, with very ruffled standards and oxblood 
red falls, waved at tips. Velvety texture, a rich bit of color. 



No yellow ins in commerce contains the rich deep buttercup 
tone of this English origination. A vivid red-orange beard 
gi\ es it extra brightness. 

GOLDEN LIGHT Each 25c ; 3 for 60c 

A highly ruffled and very free flowering cinnamon-orange 
buff affair. It completely displaces the older Euphony, and 
can be had at a remarkably low price. Fine for cutting and 
for garden effect 


An Essig-Salbach introduction of 1940, creamy white and 
soft primrose combination, hardly to be classed with the 
yellows but rather as a cream. Very large, with domed stan- 
dards and semi-flaring falls. 40 inches in height. 

GOLDEN MAJESTY Each $1 .50 ; 3 for $4.00 

The uniformly colored deep yellow from Salbach. Flowering 
in many parts of the country last year, it proved to be all 
that was claimed for it and we endorse it as one of the three 
or four top yellows available. The flowers are large and of 
thick substance, hold their color, and the plant is a good 
grower and fine increaser. 

GOLDEN SPIKE Each $10.00 

Along with Spun Gold and one or two others, this ranks at 
the very top amongst the deep golden yellows of today. It 
is so yellow, and has such a heavy orange-yellow beard, that 
those who view it for the first time are almost left gasping! 
The form is rather oval, with slightly ruffled standards, and 
there are several flowers open at once. Very large, it with- 
stands rain and sun alike. A novelty well worth the money. 

GOLDEN TREASURE Each 50c ; 3 for $1 .25 

Solid deep cream, but with an outpouring of rich golden 
orange all about the central portion of the flower. Tall, 
perfectly branched, very floriferous, it will stand out in a 
planting of hundreds of varieties. 

GOOD CHEER Each 50c 

Clear orange yellow standards, falls the same but heavily 
overlaid with red-brown. You will find this quite different 
from other variegatas, a standout as a' garden highlight. 

GRACE MOHR Each $1 .00 ; 3 for $2.50 

A seedling of William Mohr, with widely flaring falls and 
tall stems reaching to 40 inches. The color is not much 
different than that of Ormohr, but the fiower is of different 
shape and a bit earlier. 

GRAND CANYON Each $4.00 

An odd blend of rather deep tones of plum and copper and 
gold. Entirely different from any iris we have ever intro- 
duced, it calls to mind the new French iris Charlotte Millet, 
but is deeper and far more colorful. As will be noted in the 
color plate, this iris possesses attractive form in its suggestion 
of ruffling without loss of balance. An iris to be admired at 
close range, and one which we surmise would be especially 
suited to bringing indoors and associated with oriental rugs. 
About 40 inches tall, perfectly branched, and it flowers over 
a very long season. The individual blooms are of very large 
size and hold up splendidly in any weather. 

GREAT LAKES Each $1.75 ; 3 for $4.50 

A new clear blue self, produced in Canada by Lyman Cousins, 
of London, Ontario. A broadly spreading regal type of flower, 
with handsome foliage and finely branched 4-foot stalks. 
Color is about the same shade as Shining Waters. H.fvl.A. I S. 
1939. A. M. 1940. Dykes Medal 1942. 

GUDRUN Each 25c ; 3 for 60c 

Heavily textured enormous white, with petals like those of a 
magnolia. A warm or creamy white, with brilliant orange 
beard and a slight gold dust sprinkling over the entire bloom. 
A constant winner at the shows. 

GYPSY BARON Each $15.00 

Very deep blue-purple plicata. The falls are marbled rather 
than stitched, giving the flower a much darker appearance 
than usual in the plicata type. 

HAPPY DAYS Each 30c ; 3 for 75c 

A giant of a llower, smooth light yellovx in color. Inclined to 
lush growth and in severe climates should be afforded some 
protection, but it amply rewards this extra care. We can 
now supply it at a figure any gardener can afford. 

HELEN M. RIEDEL Each $5.00 

Golden yellow standards contrast w ith most brilliant orange- 
red falls. Introduced as an improvement upon Radiant; it is 
taller, larger, but not quite so coppery. A fine iris that makes 
a startling garden display. 

ICY BLUE Each $3.00 

The lightest blue self in the list. This iris is just about perfect 
in every way — a gigantic bloom, beautifully formed, amply 
branched, and the stalks reach four feet or over. Almost 
white, the color is clearly defined as lightest delicate blue. 
The beard is orange. National Iris Gardens finest introduc- 
tion of 1941. 

IDANHA Each $4.00 

A very tall pronounced bi-color with apricot-yellow stan- 
dards and pinky-lavender falls. A profuse bloomer on stalks 
that reach four feet, widely and abundantly branched, making 
it ideal for garden effect. Viewed as a clump, it gives the 
impression of a mass of apricot-tan and pink. Inidividual 
blossoms are very large, w ell spaced and long lasting. 

IMPERIAL BLUSH Each 25c ; 3 for 60c 

Tall free flowering blush pink, reaching 40 inches in height. 
This does not carry any of the yellow influence of most pinks, 
but a lemon beard adds an interesting touch. 

INCOGNITO Each $1.00 

Dark and swarthy, a rich and \elvety blackish purple. It 
has the shape and carriage of Legend, but i« darker in tone 
and more of a self. Over four feet tall in our garden, and one 
of our largest irises. 

ITASCA Each 40c; 3 for $1.00 

Of the darkest, yet most \ ivid deep amethyst. A rounded 
bloom of silk-like texture and finish, with beard of soft brown 
overlaid blue. One of the loveliest things we have ever 
introduced, and it has never been equalled. Inclined to flower 
too freely — cut out some of the spikes when they are first 
forming and finer ones w ill result. 

JASMANIA Each 35c ; 3 for 90c 

The color is about that of a ripe banana! Near the center is 
a faint suggestion of light brown, and a still fainter flush of 
pale blue in the center of the falls. While not a clear yellow, 
it is nearly so, and is actually the more beautiful for its 
blended additions. 


A smooth, soft, light buff, described by some as "coffee 
colored." The stems are tall and w ell balanced in branching 
w ith a long season of bloom. A \ ery distinct iris. 


JERRY Each 25c 

A bright ruby red iris of medium size and splendid grow ing 
habits. It increases fast and is a heavy bloomer. 

JOYCETTE Each 25c 

An e.xtra late deep blackish red with an undertone of rich 
mulberry. The stalks are tall and sturdy, the blooms prac- 
tically self colored. 

JUNALUSKA Each 40c ; 3 for $1 .00 

One of the finest novelties in commerce; a unique blend of 
red, copper, rose and gold. The effect is copper-red. An early 
bloomer, very tall and perfectly branched. A runner-up for 
the Dykes medal in 1938. 

KALINGA Each 35c 

Huge cream self, outstanding not only as an exhibition spike, 
but as a garden specimen as well. The broad spreading ivory- 
te.xtured blooms generally come out in groups of three or 
four simultaneously, and each stalk will carry from twelve 
to fifteen blossoms. 

KHORASAN Each 50c 

New blended xariegata, with peculiar auburn tinted falls 
flushed with violet. The standards are dull old gold. Petals 
are waved at the edges, very heavy in texture. 

LADY NAOMI Each $10.00 

A tall and huge plicata, with white ground entirely overlayed 
and speckled blue. There is a brownish cast near the center, 
and a brilliant orange beard. We like it better than any 
other blue plicata. 

LA FERIA Each 75c ; 3 for $2.00 

A unique blend of French grey and lavender. The flowers 
are very large, on 3b-inch stems, but it is an iris to be ad- 
mired at close range rather than for garden effect. 

LANCASTER Each $7.50 

Very broad petaled coppery rose blend. It might be described 
as a coppery old rose, with very broad falls. This is a uniquely 
colored iris from Paul Cook, originator of Sable. 

LATE SUN Each $3.00 

A new yellow that made a hit w hen show n in Massachusetts. 
The b-inch flowers are held on stems that reach 42 inches. 
Color is an odd shade of deep yellow, with red gold overlay 
and deep orange beard. From Fred DeForest, who intro- 
duced Salar. 


A very bright rose blend, of bold grow ing habit with enor- 
mous blossoms. In effect an old rose self with a most brilliant 
center of yellow and fiery gold. We regard it as one of the 
best novelties of the past three seasons. 

LOUVOIS Each $1.00; 3 for $2.50 

Brown, deep rich and velvety, like the lustrous fur of an 
animal. The new French sort has been one of the surprises 
of the past two years. Standards are a decided brown tone, 
the falls exceedingly dark brown, edged to match standards. 

MARCO POLO Each 25c 

A beautiful and striking red iris bred by Robert Schreiner in 
St. Paul. The standards are bright rose, the falls vivid crim- 
son. Beard is orange yellow and there is no veining at the 
haft. A lighter and brighter red than Cheerio. 

MAROUITA Each 40c 

A well named iris in brilliant ivory yellow, with ochraceous 
maroon veinings on the falls. Standards are ivory deepening 
to sulphur at the base. Falls are the same color, but are 
entirely lined maroon. Always a sellout. 

MARY GEDDES Each 25c ; 3 for 60c 

This gives a brilliant salmon effect as a garden clump, and 
is one of the most colorful irises for landscape effect. It is 
a one time winner of the Dykes medal. 

MATTERHORN Each $1.50 

The most beautiful and cleanest white we have ever seen. 
It does not displace Snowking, for they are entirely different 
in type, the latter big, bold and imposing, while Matterhorn 
is delicate despite its large size — ladylike, one might say. 
Pure white, even the beard is cream. Very well branched, 40 
inches tall. 

MATULA Each $1.50 

A beautiful blend of brilliant rose, rich orange, crimson and 
buff. This is one of the latest sensations from those wizards, 
the Sass Brothers. The flower is very large, with long falls 
that are waved and crimped, as are those of Midwest Gem. 
This makes a mighty handsome pair. 

MAY DAY Each $2.50 

Declared to be the finest apricot-salmon thus far originated. 
Self colored in standards and falls, it has a suffusion of 
burnished copper and a very bright orange beard. A large 
bloom on husky stalks. 

MELDORIC Each 25c ; 3 for 60c 

Huge blue-black self, one of the richest and most striking 
irises ever introduced. Neither a rapid increaser nor a free 
flowerer, it rewards the owner with spikes of bloom that are 
well worth w/aiting for. 

MELITZA Each $5.00 

Pale ivory-flesh, particularly effective in dull weather. Color 
is different from any other iris, and it increases very rapidly. 


One of the very best new Sass varieties, a beautiful self of 
pale apricot yellow, lightly flushed pink. Immense in both 
stalk and flower, it particularly attracts those who first see 
it because of the odd crimped petals. 

MING YELLOW Each $2.00 

A yellow without a fault — clear, rich, smooth without vena- 
tion, big and slightly waved. Habit of growth similar to 
Depute Nomblot. Mrs. Pattison considers it the most sensa- 
tional iris she has ever grown, and so states in her catalog. 

MISS CALIFORNIA Each 60c ; 3 for $1.50 

Gigantic lilac pink, with the growing habits of Dauntless, 
one of the parents. While not the "pinkest" iris, the shade 
of this one is quite novel and it surely has every attribute 
that one could wish for in a perfect flower. One of the high- 
lights from Carl Salbach. 

MISSOURI Each 50c 

A famous clear blue that won the Dykes medal in 1937. The 
color is particularly fine when afforded light shade from the 
afternoon sun. Stock still limited. 

Sold Out 

a purple cast, the haft devoid of 


Rich indigo blue, with 
veining but enriched with brown at the center. Beard is bright 
orange. A thoroughly fine iris and the best one we know of 
this type. 


This heavily dotted and sanded plicata from Cayeux is a 
rival of the series now so popular from the Sasses. It has a 
ground color of silvery white, closely netted with rosy helio- 
trope. A very large blossom. 



A beautiful self of pale mauve, much different from other 
pale blues and lavenders now available. In color it is similar 
to the old and lovely "Mile. Schwartz, " but MODISTE is 
a flower of broad hafts, full rounded shape, and ideal growing 
habits. Stems are heavy, w ell branched, and around 40 inches 

MOHRSON Each 60c 

A deep violet colored seedling of Wm. Mohr, with darker 
veins and a rich bronzy gold beard. Here is a spectacular 
flower, one of the very largest, ruffled and crinkled 


Tall and stately, a bright rose-red self, with flaring falls and 
smooth finish. A seedling of Marquita, quite late, over 40 
inches in height. 

MOROCCO ROSE Each $1.50 

Very large rose-pink self, with soft yellow glow at the heart 
and brownish cast about the haft. We believe it to be the 
nearest to genuine pink of any iris in this catalog. Unlike 
most iris of this color, Morocco Rose is a really big flower. 

MRS. WILLARD JACQUES Each 50c ; 3 for $1 .25 

This is a more deeply colored flower than Noweta, which it 
resembles in type. It has, however, an overtone of buffy 
apricot, setting it apart from other pinks. Also, it is a very 
large flower, with rather long falls and pronounced crinkling. 


A giant white with the form of Shining Waters. Very tall, 
wide at the hafts, and broadly flaring, it ranks with the 
leaders among the new whites. 

MULBERRY ROSE Each $12.00 

Aptly described by the name, this new iris was introduced 
by Robert Schreiner last year. Very tall stems hold the large 
self colored blooms well aloft, and the branching is good. 
A soft and pleasing color, most unusual, that might be 
termed a deep pink mulberry shaded brown. 

NARAIN Each 35c 

A silky intense indigo blue, with blue beard on a cream 
throat but without veinings. Rather, early, with immense 
foliage and very large flowers. One of the best blues at any 

NARANJA Each 30c ; 3 for 75c 

The first iris of huge size with a definite orange tone. Falls 
are ochraceous orange, with a yellow heart, and the standards 
are bright empire yellow, the beard orange yellow. It gives 
a pronounced orange effect in the garden. See page 14 

NOONTIDE Each $1.00 

Referred to by Mr. Thole, the introducer, as his "yellow 
Depute Nomblot. ' A very tall and large flowered solid 
yellow, with an odd overlay of old gold. This is not a dirty 
yellow, as one might be led to suspect, but a handsome and 
unusual iris in a much crowded field. A fine grower, it will 
not disappoint you. 

NOWETA Each 25c ; 3 for 60c 

The fluffy ruffled pink that continues in great demand, de- 
spite the influx of newer and larger flowers in this shade. 
Free blooming, medium in size and height it is unbeatable 
as a garden subject. 

NYLON Each $2.50 

Coppery tan self w ith very heavy gold beard. The flowers 
are extra large and the stalks well branched. This is an iris 
you will like, and one which has not recei\"ed sufficient 


Each $2.50 

A light creamy tan, with golden buff overlay, a most unusual 
color break and a distinctly beautiful new iris. Standards are 
domed and closed, falls flaring and rather tailored in appear- 
ance. A perfectly huge bloom, heavy of substance, and the 
longest lasting variety in our garden. A Kleinsorge intro- 
duction of 1939 that we consider the most outstanding recent 
iris next to Prairie Sunset. 

ORMACO Each $12.00 

From a cross of Ormohr and Aztec Copper, Dr. Kleinsorge 
secured this first seedling of the famous Ormohr. The color 
is an odd blend of violet with much bronze and brown, 
especially about the center. The whole flower has a metallic 
cast. Not as large as Ormohr, but an extra large iris never- 
theless. As with Ormohr, the stems are branched and produce 
several blossoms per stalk, but it is not as tall as the parent. 


Each $1.50; 3 for $4.00 

One of the largest irises in existence, and especially note- 
worthy because it is a seedling of Wm. Mohr. It reaches 40 
inches in height, with several great blooms on well branched 
stems. Perfectly hardy and a producer of seed and a new 
race of seedlings. The color is pale lilac with a silvery cast, 
veined violet. 

ORLOFF Each 75c ; 3 for $2.00 

New plicata of good size and most unusual coloring, being a 
sort of cinnamon brown in effect. The ground color is deep 
cream, heavily dotted and etched red-brown, with consid- 
erable gold near the center. Throws several spikes per 
rhizome, but increases rapidly even so. 

OZONE Each 35c 

A peculiar and subtle shade of rosy lavender, the same in 
standards and falls, with a pronounced copper area through- 
out the center. Large and of ideal shape, a fine grower. 


Each $1.00; 3 for $2.50 

A very clean and sparkling white, semi-flaring in form, w ith 
both standards and falls frilled and fluted at the edges 
Not a giant in size but \ery lovely and a welcome addition 
where size has been an over-emphasized feature. 


Each 50c; 3 for $1.25 

One of the most popular of all red irises and surely one ot 
the nearest to true red. Of medium size and height, it is a 
self of dark but very bright bronzy maroon red. 


Each $5.00 

All that has been said about this gorgeous Sass creation is 
true, but it simply has to be seen to be realized. The blendings 
of peach, apricot, rose, copper and gold are so w ell done that 
one is at a loss to describe it in a manner that might be con- 
ceived in the mind of the listener. A fine big flower, and the 
color will absolutely stun you when first you see it, and every 
time you see it! 


Each $3.00 

A seedling of Far West and Naranja, produced by Dr. 
Kleinsorge and introduced in 1940. A solid golden orange, one 
of the richest things in the garden picture. Flow ers of medium 
size, very flaring in form, widely spaced along the branching 


RADIANT Each $1.00; 3 for $2.50 

Standards of burnished golden bronze, falls of glowing copper 
red, one of the most strikingly brilliant iris obtainable. Of 
better than average size, well branched, and like Orloff it 
almost blooms itself to death, but strangely enough it in- 
creases plentifully and goes ahead to bloom again in the fall 


Smooth and velvety deep blood red, almost a duplicate of 
Burning Bronze, except that the coloring is far more vivid. 
Many richly colored iris spot in heavy rain, but not this one. 

RED GLEAM Each $3.00 

Here is the red iris that actually looks red, and has been 
declared the nearest approach to scarlet thus far obtained in 
this flower. It is of good size, of beautiful semi-flaring form, 
three feet in height, and a free bloomer. Texture is velvety 
but excitingly brilliant. A Lapham introduction in 1939. 


Deep oxbloocl-red, a bit somber perhaps, but a very richly 
colored flower with a decided red effect in sunshine. 

RHAPSODY Each $1.25 

Like a piece of changeable silk — a symphony in violet purple 
and brown. Thick substance and velvety surface. One of the 
last to bloom. 

ROSARIO Each 60c 

Beautiful ochraceous yellow, flushed and overlaid old rose. 
Might be called tourmaline pink with gold suffusions extend- 
ing from heart of flower into the falls. Deep yellow beard. 
Form is broadly flaring, very large in size, finely branched 
and 40 inches tall. A Thole origination of 1939. 

ROSELAND Each $1.50; 3 for $4.00 

Another top-notcher from David Hall, with buffy rose stan- 
dards and rich berry red falls edged lighter — a splendid 
garden effect of bright rose-pink. A giant in size, with 8-inch 
blossoms, 38-inch stalks. Very late, in the Chicago area it 
lasts until late June. 

ROSY WINGS Each 30c ; 3 for 75c 

Winner of the Dykes medal 1939. A blend of rose and copper 
wi-th excellent form, flaring falls, large size, 40-inch stems 
A profuse bloomer and easy grower. To grow this iris at 
maximum quality, remove some of the excess bloom stalks, 
as in the case of Itasca. Do it early and the result will sur- 
prise you. 

RUTH POLLOCK Each $5.00 

The Sass Brothers have produced an interesting line of these 
yellow ground plicatas during the past three seasons, and 
here, in their own estimation, is the crowning achievement. 
The flower is near perfection in all details, a soft smooth tone 
of light yellow, beautifully marked with reddish stitching 
Few rhizomes. 

SABLE Each $1.50 

Almost black, a uniform shade of deepest blue-black-violet, 
with blue beard. Sable has every attribute that a fine iris 
should possess — large size, tall stalks, thick substance and a 
wonderfully lustrous sheen. First Class Certificate in the 
Rome, Italy, trials. This iris will really go places. 

SALAR Each $5.00 

Giant affair of creamy flesh entirely dominated by an overlay 
of salmon. A difficult iris to describe, but the color effect is 
that of salmon, especially when viewed a few feet distant. 
As large as Happy Days, and of about the same form. 

SANDALWOOD Each 40c ; 3 for $1 .00 

A new fawn-brown blend, showing quite a resemblance to 
our own introduction. Far West. It carries more mauve tones, 
is a trifle lighter in general effect, slightly ruffled. 

SANDIA Each 35c 

Bright deep pink blend, unusual with a smokey veil. There is 
considerable yellow in the central portion of the broad falls. 
A very large and strong growing iris, beautiful in the garden 
and excellent for exhibition. 

SATSUMA Each 75c 

Very broad spreading flower of pale brown-pink, faintly 
shadowed cobalt violet giving a warm tan effect in sunlight. 
Yellow beard, slightly fragrant, vigorous grower, 40 inches 
tall. A recent introduction from. F. A. Thole. 

SEADEEP Each 50c ; 3 for $ 1 . 25 

This is the finest blue bicolor in our catalog. A cross of Buto 
with Santa Barbara, it combines the deep rich color of the 
former in the falls with the clean blue of the latter in the 
standards. It is tall and well branched, blooms prolifically, 
and the slightly frilled flowers are produced in profusion. 

SETTING SUN Each $ 1 . 00 

A very deep but fiery red copper, almost blackish in certain 
lights, a ball of fire in others. The standards are rose-copper, 
with yellow at the base. A recent thing from the late Dr. 
Kirkland, originator of Copper Lustre. 

SHAH JEHAN Each 25c 

Standards are creamy buff faintly edged lavender, the falls 
very rich velvety chestnut merging into purple, thence grad- 
ually fading out to a margin that repeats the color in the 
standards. Beard is rich orange. An oriental blend. 

SHINING WATERS Each 35c ; 3 for 90c 

Clear and clean blue, like the reflection of an azure sky in 
crystal waters. The wax-like texture of the petals has a 
striking contrast in the orange beards. Height 4 feet, large, 
flaring falls, but a bit tender. 

SIEGFRIED Each 60c ; 3 for $ 1 . 50 

An iris they are all talking about, and one which every 
grower will want to own, once the price is within reach. A 
flower of really huge size, pale sulphur yellow, overlaid with 
a stippling and dotting of purple. A slightly buffy overtone 
blends the colors together. 

SIERRA BLUE Each 30c ; 3 for 75c 

A soft, clear, enamel-like blue. It is of tall and stately habit, 
sometimes reaching over 5 feet, with many buds to the stalk. 
In 1935 it won the Dykes medal, and is a consistent flower 
show winner. 

SIERRA SNOW Each $1.50; 3 for $4.00 

A hardy white of pure clean color, very attractive spreading 
form, and with wavy edges on the petals. At the Nashville 
A.IJS. meeting, this was beautifully exhibited by Jesse Wills 
and many visitors declared it to be the last word in white 
irises. Over 40 inches tall, widely branched. 

SIOUX CITY Each $1.50 

Light heliotrope purple, with a sheen of glossy pink. A big 
flower that brought a prize to the originator, W. S. Snyder, 
when exhibited at Sioux City as a seedling. 

SMOLDER Each $1.00 

Deep blackish purple, with red underglow, self color. Beard 
brown, giving the flower a very deep and especially rich 
appearance. Fragrant, well branched, and of large size. 






Coole^A QardenA 



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July 16, 1943 



Because of a reduced staff and the priority of engraving jobs 
having to do with the work in war plants, they did not deliver the 
first proofs of these color plates to us until the middle of July. 
Even at that late date we would have had them printed and sent to 
those of you who had definitely reserved them, but these first 
proofs were so unsatisfactory and so lacking in their purpose of 
representing the actual flowers that we declined to accept them. 
To have had them corrected properly would have tneant additional 
delay running into late summer or early autumn before the finished 
colored supplement could have reached our patrons. 

We are thus unwillingly required to wait until next blooming season 
when the plates can be properly corrected from specimens of the 
flowers themselves. Those of you who have dollar credits with us, 
not already applied on an order, may either apply that credit to an 
order selected from the iris section of this catalogue or if you 
prefer we will promptly return the dollar which you have entrusted 
to us. 

We hope that you can realize our position in this situation, and we 
assure you that we did everything that we possibly could do to 
carry through our plans of this past spring. 


Each $1.00 


Each $1.00 

Good cream toned irises are becoming very popular and here 
we have one of the very best. Of thick and leathery texture, 
large in size and with flaring falls, the color is an even deep 
cream. Very tall and a fine iris in every way. 


Well named pure white, the large blooms produced in un- 
believable numbers per stalk. Individual blooms are huge 
and of a ruffled appearance. Very few rhizomes. 

A smooth and even toned rich purple self, with very intense 
coloring. This iris is just coming into popularity, having 
earned its way without fanfare. 

THE BLACK DOUGLAS Each 25c ; 3 for 60c 

Large blackish purple of even tone, different in its "black" 
effect as compared to Black Wings in that it is on the red- 
purple side instead of being blue-purple, as in the case of the 
latter. Medium height, fine form, and very velvety surface. 

SNOWKING Each 35c ; 3 for 90c 

Regal in bearing, with broadly flaring great white blossoms, 
lit with gold at the throat. Heavy of substance, bold and 
strong in growing habit. 3 feet tall. A wonderful and thor- 
oughly hardy white from the Sasses. 


Each $10.00 

A new giant clear blue, on the lavender side. This huge iris 
was introduced by W\ E. Taylor of Amity. Oregon. It is free 
blooming and is one of the largest irises w e have e\ er seen. 
It is shapely and refined without the coarseness of so many 
other large iris blossoms. 


Each 25c ; 3 for 60c 

A solidly colored deep chestnut red, of great size — one of the 
very largest — with an odd coppery suffusion throughout. 
The standards are of a brownish tone, and the center is highly 
lighted with gold. At this price you should not defer having 
It in your collection. 


Each $1.50 

Milk white shading into orchid pink, the pink very pro- 
nounced at the top of the standards and the bottom of the 
falls. Beard lemon. The stems are tall and wiry, the blossoms 
amply spaced. This iris is a very delicate affair, giving a sort 
of apple blossom effect in the garden. It provides a remark- 
ably pink note, a truly lovely new thing from E. G. Lapham, 
of Elkhart, Indiana. 

SPUN GOLD Each $10.00 

Perhaps the most famous yellow iris ever introduced. It has 
all of the desired qualities of size, good branching, tall stems 
and rich solid yellow color. We regard it as one of the three 
finest vellows now available. 

STAINED GLASS Each $1.25 ; 3 for $3.00 

A copper-red self, one of the most brilliant iris we have ever 
seen when viewed with the sun behind it. In such a light it 
resembles nothing quite so much as stained glass . . . rich, 
glowing, almost aflame! Make no mistake, this is not a red 
iris, but a solid copper of a reddish tone, the same all over 
except for the bronze yellow beard. From Dr. Wilhelm, of 
Chicago, for whom we introduced it. 

THE RED DOUGLAS (Dykes Medal 1941) Each $1.00 

Possibly more glamour was attached to the introduction of 
this variety than any iris in recent years. Simply colossal in 
size, as smooth and heavy as a piece of richest plush. It is 
deep rosy-wine-red, solid at the haft, with a brownish cast 
near the center, beard rich orange. It is not the reddest iris 
by any means, but the coloring is gorgeously rich and deep, 
and most critics agree that it ranks as one of the ten best iris 
in commerce. 

THREE SISTERS Each $10.00 

The first iris of this color type that has been introduced in 
many seasons. The standards are pale cream and in sunny 
weather are almost white. The falls are red violet, and 
decidedly red when contrasted w ith the lighter colors of the 
standards. Sometimes described as a red and white combina- 
tion. It is actually neither red nor white, but does have 
such a garden effect. 


Each 75c 

The third member of that great Sass plicata trio, the others 
being Orloff and Siegfried. It is soft yellow in color, with 
stitchings of bronzy-pinkish-violet, if you can imagine such 
a combination. Less formal in appearance than Siegfried, and 
gives a yellow rather than a creamy-tan garden effect. Very 
large, ruffled, vigorous growing and reasonably tall. 

TOBACCO ROAD Each $ 1 7 . 50 

When this iris first opened in Dr. Kleinsorge s garden, it was 
so different, so remarkable in both color and form, that we 
lost all interest in the many other splendid seedlings in the 
same garden. 

You have seen or read about brown irises before. Many 
of them are basically deep crimson-purple, or dirty lifeless 
blends. Some of them are fine irises, such as Louvois, or 
Brown Thrasher. But these are on the very dark side. 
TOBACCO RO.^D is a golden tobacco brown. Standards 
are upright and almost closed, with heavy mid-ribs. The 
falls are broad, very wide at the center and held stiffl>' 
horizontal. Height three feet or possibly a little less, with 
very good branching. Flowers are large to very large, but not 
gigantic. This unique iris does not have a single weak point 
and we recommend it with all the enthusiasm we can muster. 


A very large and superior creamy white, w ith heavy almost 
velvety surface. Stems have four-way branching and reach 
42 inches, .'\nother of the set of fine Kenneth Smith varieties. 


Deep cream with an inw ard glow of green, a very large flower 
and vigorous grower. From California, it has proven reliable 
in the mid-West and East. 

TOKEN Each $1.00 

Many qualified critics have seen this new iris and the usual 
pronouncement is "a glorified Mary Geddes." Carrying much 
of the same salmony-orange-brown blended effect. Token is 
a far finer individual flower — larger, of better form, and 
w ith smoothly colored falls. Standards are old gold flushed 
rose, falls rosy brown-red, with very little haft venation. It 
does not fade and is a husky grower. 38 inches tall, with 
blooms having a 7-inch spread. A 1939 introduction from 
David Hall, of Chicago. 


TREASURE ISLAND Each 50c ; 3 for $1 .25 

A truly gigantic flower of bright, clear, rich yellow. Tall 
stems, not a trace of Dykes blood in its parentage, hardiness 
beyond question. This fine iris never shows a trace of purple 
flecking, a fault which often crops out in many otherwise 
excellent yellows, nor is it marred by an olive cast, another 
shortcoming of a few others. 

TRYPTICH Each $5.00 

A large rich yellow produced by J. D. Wareham, of Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. Selected as a favorite from his seedlings when 
the Iris Society met there a few seasons ago. As it bloomed 
here, the color is about the same shade as that of Chosen. 

VELVET KING Each $2.50 

Deep plush-like glowing red with heavy gold beard. A new- 
comer from H. H. Harned, amateur of Oakland, Maryland. 
Fxtra fine. 

VENUS DE MILO Each 25c ; 3 for 60c 

Pure white, of a warm creamy tone, with no haft markings 
and a bright yellow beard. The most popular white iris in 
commerce; a splendid grower and free bloomer, it well 
deserves the honor of runner-up for the Dykes Medal in 
lQ3fc>. Three feet tall, well branched. 


Gleaming violet self, huge in size and bearing many perfectly 
shaped blossoms. Might be termed a light purple, very 
uniformly colored except for slight bronze flush at the haft. 
The very best iris of this class. 

WABASH Each $1.00 

A new iris so far in advance of others of similar coloring that 
they are simply not in the race. With clean white standards 
and bright purple falls, it might have been called "Elk s 
Temple," so well does it call to mind the colors of that well- 
known fraternal organization. The flowers are large and are 
borne on well-branched stalks almost 40 inches in height. 

WAVERLY Each $1.00; 3 for $2.50 

A 40-inch clear light blue, highly commended by all judges 
who have seen it. Very early in the tall bearded class, clean 
color, with widely flaring falls and nice branching. 

WM. MOHR Each 25c ; 3 for 60c 

The entire bloom is a self of pale lilac closely netted and 
veined deep violet, producing a weird, yet very lovely effect. 
A monster flower, of medium height, with small foliage. Does 
better if divided and transplanted at least every other year. 

YELLOW JEWEL Each $10.00 

For two or three seasons this fine deep yellow has been the 
outstanding thing of its color around New York and Boston. 
Produced by Kenneth Smith, it has every good point in way 
of growth and the large flowers are of a uniform golden yellow . 

Your choice o£ 10 for $5.00 

Labeled and postpaid; one of a kind. 

In making up your selection, be sure to confine it 
to the groups as outlined. 

Any 3 from 
this group 

Any 4 from 
this group 

The Red Douglas 



China Maid 






Midwest Gem 



E. B. Williamson 

Frank Adams 



Miss California 



Golden Treasure 
Far West 

Mrs. Willard Jacgues 
Treasure Island 

FREE! If you wish to assume the express charges, 
you may have the fine two-tone yellow, Fair 
Elaine, without additional cost; or Aztec Copper 
if you prefer. 

Any 3 from 
this group 


Aztec Copper 

Any 5 for $10 * All 15 for $26.00 

One of a kind only 

Elsa Sass May Day 

Florentine Old Parchment 

Icy Blue Prince of Orange 

Fair Elaine Red Gleam 

Ming Yellow 
Great Lakes 
Flora Campbell 



Any 10 for $2.00 

Your choice, one of a kind, labeled 
and postpaid 


Mary Geddes 

California Gold 


Dir. Pinelle 


Ethel Peckham 

Rosy Wings 


Shah Jehan 

Golden Light 

Sierra Blue 



Happy Days 

The Black Douglas 

Imperial Blush 

William Mohr 

Jean Cayeux 

Marco Polo 


FREE! If you pay express, you may have Copper 
Lustre, Junalaska and Treasure Island free. 
Mention this if wanted. 


Any 10 for $2.75 

Your choice, one of a kind, 
labeled and postpaid 





Copper Lustre 



Golden Hind 







Shining Waters 


FREE! If you pay express, the deep yellow 
Golden Majesty 


Any 10 for $10 

Your choice, any 10, one of a kind, 
labeled and postpaid 

City of Lincoln 
Bermuda Sand 
Golden Majesty 
Spring Idyl 

Stained Glass 




FREE! If you assume express, we will include the 
excellent new red iris, Red Gleam 


We have grown and featured these irises for years and ours 
has been one of the very few sources of supply. Many in this 
list were originated in this country, by American hybridizers 
while a few were imported directly from the Orient a few 
years ago by us at great cost and subsequent slow and pains- 
taking effort to propagate enough stock to make them avail- 
able to gardens here. The demand has always been so great 
that our supply has been exhausted each time they were 
offered, and we have listed them only about every other year. 

This year we again have a crop of thousands of wonderful 
plants. They have been grown in a new spot, freshly divided 
this past spring so that they will have fine new full root 
systems and vigorous healthy crowns. You get the whole 
plant, carefully packed in damp moss, and it should imme- 
diately take hold in your garden and give you good bloom 
the first season. 

These gorgeous late June and early July flowering irises, 
with their broad pietals and exciting colors of brilliant silk, 
porcelain, or rich velvet, prolong the iris season most of 
another month after the regular tall bearded sorts have 
finished. Even the foliage is different, and adds contrast in 
the border. They are particularly at home adiacent to pools 
or streams, but are equally fine in the border amongst other 
perennials if not too crowded and given occasional watering. 

Delivery will be made from September 1st on into early 
October. Early orders will be shipped out first. 

AIFUKURIN Each 75c ; 3 for $2.00 

Sgl. Very large and graceful triangular shaped variety, with 
white ground suffused and heavily edged violet. Big but not 
coarse. Quite tall. 

BEAUTY OF YAMAMOTO Each $1 .00 ; 3 for $2.50 

Dbl. This is the very deepest ultramarine blue iris of this 
type that we have yet seen. A very large flower, quite late, 
a profuse increaser, it makes a mass of gigantic blue blossoms 
with deep gold centers. One which we imported. 

FRANCES E. CLEVELAND Each 50c ; 3 for $1 .25 

Sgl A great single of crepe-like appearance in palest lavender 
blue, without any other color or markings Very delicate in 
spite of its size. 

KARAHASHI Each $1 .00 ; 3 for $2.50 

Dbl. Deep magenta-lake in color, very vivid, with extra 
broad petals waved at the edges. A lovely rose-red tone, with 
blossoms of largest size on stems of medium height. Another 
of the new ones imported in 1^35 and which were offered for 
sale in just one catalog previous to this one. 

KURUMA-DOME Each $1.00; 3 for $2.50 

Dbl. Another new one, white with a narrow stitching of 
reddish purple, something like the plicatas in bearded iris. 
It produces so many huge flowers that the foliage is scarcely 

MIYUKI-GURUMA Each $1.00; 3 for $2.50 

Dbl. A most spectacular and gigantic flower of clear white 
with very broad frosted edge of brilliant crimson. This is 
positively distinct from any Japanese iris we have ever 
grown and we are certain that it will thrill you. Do not let 
the name awe you ' 

OSAMAKU MIYO Each 75c ; 3 for $2.00 

Dbl. A great ivory or creamy white flower, entirely covered 
with tiny web-like blue veins. Styles deep blue violet which 
contrast sharply against the lighter background. A very 
beautiful cut flower. 

OTOMENE Each $1 .00 ; 3 for $2.50 

Sgl. The largest of all these irises, and we believe it to be the 
largest in existence. Some of the flowers actually measure 
1 foot in diameter! A very tall royal purple, overlaid with 
a smoky cast. Although large, this is a beautiful color and a 
flower of heavy substance. Practically as tall as Neptune. 

PRESIDENT HARDING Each $1 .00 ; 3 for $2.50 

Dbl. A pronounced blue self, \ery late. The tone of blue is 
most unusual, deeper and more colorful than powder blue, 
but that gives you an idea. This has very heavy substance 
and is one of the longest lasting varieties. 

PURPLE GLORY Each $1 .00 ; 3 for $2.50 

Sgl. Originated also by Mrs. U. G. Smith, who gave us the 
lovely white, Perfect Peace This iris is a giant in size, very 
deep red purple in color, with a silky sheen. A very rich 
piece of color. 



Every one a double-nose bulb! 

Since we are situated right in the midst of the greatest 
Daffodil and Tulip growing section of America, we have 
arranged with one of the foremost growers to supply our 
customers with a splendid assortment of these eagerly sought 
bulbs for immediate planting. Daffodil orders will be filled 
with choice double nose bulbs — the kind that give two 
blooms the first season. But the supply is limited, so if your 
order arrives late, please allow us to fill it w ith the largest 
bulbs available, giving full value at all times. 

No orders accepted after October 15th, but don't delay 
because you might find them all gone' NO ORDER FOR 
LESS THAN $2.00 w ill be sent prepaid— please add 25c for 
partial transportation costs if less than $2.00 total for Tulips 
and Daffodils combined. 

l/ellow Zrumpct Daffodils 

Letters following varieties represent the time of blooming. 
E — early, M — medium, L — late. 

AEROLITE Each 15c; Doz. $L50 

The large flower is beautifully proportioned, giving the 
impression of gracefulness, despite its size; perianth deep 
primrose, with a pure yellow trumpet which is left in bold 
relief by the broad pointed star formed by the flat opening 
outer petals an inch and a half w ide. A splendid keeper either 
in the garden or after being cut. E. 

BEN HUR Each 40c ; 3 for $ LOO 

A glorious "loud-speaker " trumpet, deeply frilled, of pure 
Roman gold, 2>^ inches across at the "mouth; in spite of its 
immense size, about ^14. inches across the petals, the whole 
flower is finely proportioned. One of the largest and best of 
the new giant trumpets. 

CLEOPATRA Each 1 5c ; Doz . $ L 50 

A splendid flower with large light yellow trumpet; lemon 
yellow perianth with overlapping petals. Very late and a 
splendid keeper. L. 

DIOTIMA Each 50c ; 3 for $L25 

Considered by many to be the best of the new super-giant 
yellow trumpets. The flower is beautifully proportioned and 
is carried gracefully on flattened tapering stems, two feet tall. 
The broad overlapping petals form a star-shaped perianth 
ot medium deep primrose, 5 to 6 inches across: trumpet 
slightly deeper in color. One of the top-notchers for many 
years. E. 

KING ALFRED Each 15c; Doz. $1.50 

A deep golden yellow flower of wonderful substance, on stiff 
two-foot stems. Trumpet deeply frilled and recurved at the 
mouth. By far the best all-yellow in its price class. The 
universal favorite for the cut-flower trade. Produces won- 
derful, large, hard bulbs. E. 


Ui-Color Zmmpd 

Perianths are w hite, trumpets are yellow , lemon or primrose. 

OCTAVIANUS Each $2.50 

Exceptional flower of beautiful proportion and finish, with a 
large, recurved deep trumpet supported by an exceptionally 
substantial perianth. Good stem holds the huge flower grace- 
fully, and although the trumpet is very large, the flower is 
perfectly balanced. Perianth is pale primrose and trumpet a 
pure moon yellow when opening, giving the effect of moon- 
light through mist. When fully open the perianth turns 
slightly paler, justifv ing its classification under this class. 

SPRING GLORY Each 15c; Doz. $1.25 

Trumpet of pure yellow; perianth white and ot good form. 
The best bi-color in its type class for all-around planting. E. 

SYLVANITE Each 30c ; Doz. $3.00 

A striking variety with broad overlapping perianth ol creamy 
white; light canary yellow trumpet; strong grower, but very 
graceful in habit. E. 


White Zrumpet Daffodils 

ADA FINCH Each $1.20 

A very early white trumpet daffodil; a large flower with wide 
perianth, and huge flaring trumpet which opens lemon color 
but fades to creamy white. One of the most showy white 
trumpet varieties. E. 

BEERSHEBA Each $1.50 

A forerunner to a new race. A truly magnificent flower, all 
white, nearly five inches across. The large perfectly flat 
perianth and long, beautifully flanged trumpet makes this 
the perfect show flower. A flower of fine form, stately carriage 
and remarkable substance, keeping for weeks. Produces 
wonderful bulbs that are very vigorous and increase rapidly, 
a cold climate seems to add to its vigor. Beersheba will hold 
its ow-n at any flower show in any country. Many impressive 
awards. M. 

LOVENEST Each 30c ; 4 for $1 .00 ; Doz. $3.00 

This is among the daintiest ol all the trumpets; perianth is 
white, star-shaped and overlapping. The nicely proportioned 
trumpet opens a creamy lemon edged apricot; but as the 
flower develops the frilled edge of the trumpet gradually 
turns a dainty shell pink. Very early; delicate coloring, but 
good keeper. E. 

MRS. E. H. KRELAGE Each 20c; Doz. $2.00 

Sometimes called the "White King Alfred." A large flower 
of fine shape and form, the trumpet rolling back at the mouth 
similar to King Alfred. Not a pure white variety, but the 
petals open ivory white, the waxy trumpet opens soft prim- 
rose yellow and gradually fades to creamy white. M. 

MRS. R. O. BACKHOUSE Each $1.50; 3 for $4.00 

1 his is the famous "Pink Trumpet Dafiodil. f-ine informal 
perianth of ivory white, and beautifully proportioned; slim, 
long trumpet of apricot pink, turning to a deeper pink at 
the deeply fringed edge. Delicately beautiful but of excep- 
tional substance; long lasting. Belongs in every collection. M. 

Suggestions for Growing DAFFODILS .... 

They will thrive in any well-drained garden soil. Prepare the 
soil deeply, 12 inches or more is best. Plant at least b inches 
deep, extra large bulbs are better planted 7 or 8 inches deep. 
(Some varieties make larger bulbs than others.) No manure 
should come in contact with the bulb. If the soil needs fertility 
use bone meal at the rate of one-fifth pound to the square 
yard. This should be thoroughly mixed with the soil under 
the bulb. 

A mulch of straw or leaves will be beneficial in very severe 
climates. If the mulch is applied after the first freeze, it will 
pre\'ent thawing and hea\-ing. 

jHcompambilis J^arcissi 

In this class the length of trumpet or crow^n is one-third or 
more the length of the perianth segments. 

CARLTON Each 50c ; 3 for $1 .25 

A fine clear yellow self color of great size. Flat overlapping 
perianth and large expanded crown frilled at brim. Beautiful 
yellow throughout, a magnificent plant of great vigor. M. 

CROESUS Each 10c; Doz. $1.00 

Thick petaled perianth of light canary yellovv', opening flat, 
with the outer petals nearly touching, the inner ones over- 
lapping; broad fluted cup of rich orange. M. 

DICK WELLBAND Each 60c ; 3 for $1 .50 

One of the finest in this class. The perianth is pure white and 
the cup the brightest flame orange, making a striking con- 
trast. One of its most remarkable qualities is that the color 
of the cup does not fade but rather intensifies with age. The 
flower lasts unusually long. A marx elous exhibition variety 
and one of our favorites. M. 

FORTUNE Each $2.00 

Tall, large flower having flat overlapping perianth of clear 
brilliant yellow, of great substance. The large crown is a 
wonderful coppery-red orange. Extremely early. E. 

FRANCISCA DRAKE Each 20c ; Doz. $2.00 

An unusual flower of rare beauty. Perianth of silvery white, 
tinted gold at the base, which shows through on the outside; 
cup wide and deep, is golden yellow at the base, changing to 
flame-orange at the densely frilled edge. Tall stems with 
flowers far above the foliage. M. 

JOHN EVELYN Each 20c ; Doz. $2.00 

An outstanding favorite in the daftodil world. Large pure 
white perianth opens perfectly flat and is 4 to 5 inches across. 
The large flat cup of lemon yellow is densely frilled or shirred 
to the base. A flower of most refined appearance. Unexcelled 
for either garden display or the show bench. M. 

MILFORD-HAVEN Each 15c; Doz. $1.50 

A fine flower with cream-white perianth and wide cup ruffled 
and deeply frilled at edge, chrome yellow at base and shading 
into rich orange-scarlet. A very attractive and showy 

RED CROSS Each 20c ; Doz. $2.00 

Famous throughout the daffodil world. The large flower is 
carried on long, strong stems. Flat opening perianth of prim- 
rose yellow; cup is deep yellow at the base, turning to deep 
orange at the densely frilled edge. A superb flower for garden 
display or cutting. M. 


T W I N K 

Barrii J<larcissus 

In this class the cup measures less than one-thirJ the length 
of the perianth segments. 

ALCIDA Each 10c; Doz. $1.00 

Giant flower, creamy perianth opening flat, star-shaped, with 
individual petals over Xyi inches wide: broad citron-yellow 
cup with blood-orange frill : strong grower, fine substance and 
wonderfully free flowering; very late. L. 

DIANA KASNER Each 10c; Doz. $1.00 

A pure white perianth and a large fluted yellow cup with 
blood red frill. Increases very rapidly, is free flowering, has 
fine long stems and is a good forcer. I recommend this as 
being the finest of this type in its price class. M. 

FIRETAIL Each 20c ; Doz. $2.00 

One of the most popular red-eyed Barriis. Broad petaled 
creamy white perianth: crinkled orange cup with deep scarlet 
orange frill. An outstanding flower of good form and sub- 
stance One of our favorites. M. 

SUNSTAR Each 20c ; Doz. $2.00 

Creamy-white, broad petaled perianth, segments slightly 
reflexed: flat yellow cup with broad orange margin: tall fine 
stem and neck: beautiful both m the garden and on the show 

Ceedsii J^arcissus 

These are the Star Narcissus. Perianths are white, and cups 
or crowns white, cream, or pale citron, sometimes tinged 
with pink or apricot, The\' are \ery daint\-. 
DUKE OF MARLBOROUGH Each 25c; Doz. $2.50 

Reflexed perianth of artistic form: petals of great size and 
substance; pure white with light lemon yellow trumpet. Very 

GERTIE MILLAR Each 40c ; 3 for $1 . 10 ; Doz. $4.00 

Wonderful flower of the new Giant Leedsii type with pure 
white perianth of enormous size; the beautiful cup is pale 
primrose, deeply fluted and frilled and of translucent tex- 
ture: unusually long pistils and anthers match these colors 
perfectly. M. 

HERA Each 1 Oc ; Doz . $ 1 . 00 

Broad petaled creamy white perianth: star shaped and 
deeply frilled cup of creamy white with a dainty edging of 
light primrose. Very chaste in appearance and a great 
favorite. M. 

MRS. NETTE O'MELVENY Each 10c; Doz. $1.00 

A most charming daffodil with a pure white perianth and 
cup of clear lemon yellow , w ith orange picotee. The splendid 

foliage, tall stems, and good neck make it a most delightful 
flower. Everyone falls in love with Nette's fine pose and 
good manners. M. 

RADIO Each $2.75 

Unique flower for the collector or for exhibition. Pure white 
perianth of good size. The nicely frilled, flaring yellow cup 
has distinct white stripes or rays running the length of the 
cup. giving it a dainty, unusual appearance. 

SILVER STAR Each 20c ; Doz. $2.00 

Perfect broad petaled, star-shaped perianth of pure cream 
white, with fine proportioned, wide mouthed trumpet of 
primrose, changing to cream white, just a shade deeper than 
the perianth. Produces fine, large, hard bulbs, free flowering, 
with long stately stems. Recommended very highly. One of 
our favorites, so delicate and waxy. M. 

SUDA Each $1.50 

A most beautiful show flower of fine substance; pure white 
perianth and well formed bell-shaped trumpet of pale amber 
rose color, turning to soft pink in favorable weather. Very 
refined and lovely. 

Double J^arcissus 

INDIAN CHIEF Each 15c; Doz. $1.25 

Very large and very double, bright yellow interspersed w ith 
shorter orange petals: the petals curl and twist M 
MARY COPELAND Each 30c ; Doz. $3.00 

One of the famous varieties of the new semi-double type: 
this variety has been termed the most striking double in 
cultivation: the longer petals are pure cream white, inter- 
spersed with shorter petals of lemon and brilliant orange. L. 

Very lovely double. Long primrose petals shading to cream 
down the center with shorter deep orange petals inter-mixed, 
giving a tri-color effect. Light citron yellow overlapping 
perianth. L. 

TEXAS Each $1.00 

Very large full double. Golden yellow-' and brilliant orange 
petals in alternate layers. Blooms 4 inches in diameter on 
tall stems. Robust grow er and a giant among the doubles. M 
THE PEARL Each 10c; Doz. $1.00 

Not too double, creamy white, interspersed with sulphur 
vellow, deeper at the center, very charming. \1 
TWINK Each 15c; Doz. $1.50 

Of the semi-double type; alternating petals of primrose and 
clear orange, and so arranged as to give the flower a most 
attractive appearance. A novelty of merit that attracts 
instant attention wherever seen. E. 

pnquilla and pHquil My b rids 


A large jonquil hybrid w ith a perfect perianth of w icie ox er- 
lapping segments, deep citron yellow, with mica sheen, and 
cup of pure gold perfectly proportioned to balance the 
flower: calyx grey-green flecked with gold. Its name fits 
perfectly this Giant Jonquil with the texture of golden wax; 
from one to three lovely flowers per stem. Unique in its class. 
GOLDEN SCEPTRE Each 10c ; Doz. $1.00 

This free flowering hybrid should merit a place in e\ery 
garden. Flowers are of deep Jonquil yellow, 3 inches in diam- 
eter, often two on a stem. The keeping qualities of this 
\ ariety are unexcelled, either w hen cut or in the garden. M. 
JONOUILLA SIMPLEX Each 10c; Doz. $1.00 

The original sweet-scented, single Jonquil: three to five 
charming rich yellow flowers to the stem. A gem for the 
rockery; produces very tiny bulbs which can be left un- 
disturbed for vears. Ideal for bouquets. L,. 
ODOROUS CAMPERNELLE Each 10c; Doz. $1.00 
Rich yellow fragrant flowers, two to four on a stem. All 
Campernelle types have erect rush-like foliage, are very 
effective massed in beds or borders. M. 


JSJarcissus Znandrus 

and Triandrus Hybrids 

Includes all varieties obviously containing N. Triandrus 
bipod. All of the varieties in this section are most interesting 
garden subjects, flowers are more or less drooping, of elegant 
form and graceful habit. Fine for rock gardens. 

SILVER CHIMES Each $ 1 . 00 ; 3 for $2 . 75 

One of the prettiest of the small-cupped Triandrus hybrids. 
Frequently produces heads of b or more waxy flowers per 
stem, with pure white perianth and delicate pale primrose 
cup; has a delightful fragrance and is unsurpassed in delicate 
beauty and adaptability for bouquets. Hardy in our climate 
but needs some protection in extreme cold climates. 

MOONSHINE Each 15c; Doz. $1.50 

A beautiful hybrid with star-shaped, creamy white flowers, 
often three to a stem, drooping gracefully. A great favorite 
for the rock garden. M. 

THALIA Each 20c ; Doz. $2.00 

An exquisite flower of unusually pleasant appearance; 
three to four pure white flowers on one stem. Often described 
as the '"Orchid Narcissus."' Thalia is sold to almost all flower 
lovers that see it in bloom here at the farm. Ideal in every 
way, especially for corsages and bouquets. M. 

Poetaz J^amssus 

These are hybrids from Poeticus and Polyanthus Narcissus. 
AH are very hardy, very fragrant, and bear their flowers in 

CHEERFULNESS Each 10c; Doz. $1.00 

The double Elvira, a very distinct and decorative variety. 
Erect stems, each bearing a cluster of small blooms with 
broad, rounded, creamy white perianth and full double 
center of creamy white and yellow. Cheerfulness is well 
named and makes friends instantly. Fragrant. L. 

KLONDYKE Each 10c; Doz. $1.00 

Four to seven flowers on a stem ; perianth a rich yellow ; cup 
is a shade darker. A fine garden variety. VI. 

LAURENS KOSTER Each 10c; Doz. $1.00 

Creamy white perianth and lemon yellow cup, usually 5 to 
7 on a stem. An old standby and the best white poetaz for 
forcing. M. 

MEDUSA Each 10c; Doz. $1.00 

Two to three very large flowers on a very long stem. Perianth 
is broad and pure white; the fiery orange scarlet cup is nicely 
fluted. Destined to become immensely popular when stocks 
become more plentiful. VI. 



The yellow f^oop Petticoat, flowers rich golden yellow, 
trumpet hoop-petticoat form with tiny reflexed petals. 
Height b inches. It blooms from the end of February to early 
March, and prefers a sandy peat soil with a fair amount of 
moisture while in growth, but not in summer; no manure 
should be given. These little daffodils are most charming for 
rock garden, edgings or small beds, 

CANALICULATUS (Tazetta) Each 10c; Doz. $1.00 

A dainty little Polyanthus narcissus for the rockery, height 
b inches. Has narrow erect bluish-green foliage and bears 
heads of three to five flowers with white perianth and globular 
golden cup; small and very sweetly scented. VI. 

FEBRUARY GOLD Each 15c; Doz. $1.50 

(Cyclamineus Hybrid). Perianth golden yellow, trumpet 
fringed orange. The trumpet is straight and tube-like and the 
perianth refle.xed as in a cyclamen. Very early flowering. E. 

Poeticus J^arcissus 

Perianths are snow white; cups are small and flat with 
yellowish eyes, edged scarlet or crimson. All are sweet 
scented and unequalled for naturalizing. 

SNOW KING Each 10c; Doz. $1.00 

Glistening white perianth with exceptionally broad petals; 
cup with broad red edge. An outstanding variety, tall growing 
and good neck. L. 

ACTAEA Each 25c; Doz. $2.50 

Largest poeticus in existence. Broad snow white perianth of 
great substance and good form. Very large eye broadly mar- 
gined with dark red. Considered the most beautiful Poeticus 
and wonderful exhibition flower. L. 


The terms "Narcissus" and ".Daffodils" are interchangeable: 
there exists a tendency to apply the name "Daffodil" to the 
varieties in which the trumpet or crown is as large or larger 
than the petals (perianth); while the name "Narcissus" Is 
usually used for the varieties having small cups or crowns. 
Jonquils are also a type of Narcissus; they usually bear their 
flowers in clusters and have rush-like foliage. Many of the 
Jonquil Hybrids have only the single flower and ordinary 
foliage. The name "Narcissus" is correct for any or all of 
the different types. 

SMitioH 'Daffodil 








1 each of above 8 varieties, 

properly labeled $ 1.95 

3 each of above 8 varieties, 

properly labeled 5.50 

10 each of above 8 varieties, 

properly labeled 17.00 

All selections Prepaid 

ScoHomy Daffodil 



3 each of above 6 varieties, 18 bulbs $1.75 

10 each of above 6 varieties, 60 bulbs 5.00 

All selections Prepaid 




Every Bulb Top Size 

With the Holland supply cut off, Tulips are going to be 
extremely scarce this fall. Many growers are already sold out. 
This list, while rather short, contains beautiful varieties of 
proven merit. Yes, you CAN have Tuilps in your garden 
next spring . . . good ones, and we impress upon you that 
these are TOP SIZE ONLY, and will give you the finest 
and largest flowers. NO ORDERS ACCEPTED AFTER 
OCTOBER 1 5th, but don't delay until then or you may 
find them all gone. 

J^m Meal 'Darw'ms and 
(jiaMt Cottage Zulips 

These newer varieties are a great improvement over the 
more common types, and create a great deal of comment 
when seen in the garden. Their flowers are larger, stems 
longer and better, and colors more striking and outstanding 
than the older sorts. 


ADVANCE Each 25c ; 12 for $2.50 

To obtain a glimpse of what the tulip future holds plant a 
few Advance. Stems better than the best Darwin; petalage 
longer than the largest Darwin; two weeks earlier than the 
earliest Darwin. All together, bolder and better than any- 
thing in either the Darwin, Breeder or Cottage tulip class. 
Color is a rosy red with a come-hither flush of deepest rosette 
orange and over all a bluish sheen. 32". 

G.W.LEAKE 3 for 45c; 12 for $1.50 

A magnificent flower of refined appearance. Nicely shaped 
pointed petals of brilliant red with white base. A real beauty. 

LOHENGRIN 3 for 45c ; 12 for $1 .50 

Oval shaped flowers of a bright carmine red slightly tinted 
orange and lilac; large pure white base with blue edging. 
The inside of this tulip with its red, white and blue base is 
worth looking into. 

MARJORIE BOWEN 3 for 50c ; 12 for $1.75 

A magnificent novelty; one of the lovely blends that make 
the new hybrid tulips outstanding. A combination of rose- 
pink with silvery apricot edge, inside gorgeous salmon- 
orange on clear yellow base. Very beautiful 

MRS. HOGG 3 for 45c; 12 for $1.50 

A magnificent variety with immense, globular flowers of 
clear, pale yellow color; black anthers against the glossy 
yellow of the inside of the petals makes a lovely combination. 
The long petaled flowers are carried on very tall, stiff stems 
and last extremely long in beautiful condition. The open 
flower is like a fairy bowl — tall, strong, large, yet full of grace. 

MR. WENTHOLT 3 for 45c; 12 for $1.50 

A deep yellow with a bright golden glow; ivory stamens; 
medium size flower, medium tall, but a truly golden flower 
of eye-catching color. 

PERSEUS 3 for 60c ; 12 for $2.00 

A novelty of great beauty, colored flame orange, yellow base. 
The outside of petals often have green markings like those 
of Parrot Tulips — Fantasy. Profuse bloomer and a fine 
variety. 26". 

A D V A N C.E 


BLUE DANUBE 3 for 35c ; 12 for $1.25 

A fine deep lavender with slaty suffusion, edged silvery 
lavender; inside dark violet-purple; base blue and white 

BABY LOVE 3 for 75c ; 12 for $2.50 

Medium tall white with pink edge and pink spots throughout 
the petals. Large cup-shaped flower on stiff stem. Unusual 

CAMELLIA 3 for 35c ; 12 for $1.25 

Perfectly formed flowers of a distinct pure satiny rose-pink, 
with large white base. Oval-shaped flowers of excellent 
lasting qualities; strong, stiff stems. 

DRESDEN CHINA 3 for 45c ; 12 for $1.50 

A pleasing color of shining soft lilac and pink, with lighter 
edges. Tall, strong stems. Delicate coloring, hard to describe, 
but a lovely flower. 

LOVE DREAM 3 for 35c ; 12 for $1.25 

Soft rosy pink, shaded buff, with broad, pale rose margin; 
white center, black stamens. 

MRS. GRULLEMANS 3 for 60c ; 12 for $2.00 

Large creamy white flower with light yellow anthers. 
E.xcellent substance; medium tall. 

SCOTCH LASSIE 3 for 45c; 12 for $1.50 

Purest lilac-lavender with a darker shade inside; base dark 
blue. Flowers are very large and slightly reflexing; one of 
the best in this color. 

Zulip Collectm 'str' 




3 each of any 10 varieties, 

your choice, 30 bulbs $ 2.75 

10 each of any 10 varieties, 

your choice, 100 bulbs 9.00 

25 each of any 10 varieties, 

your choice, 250 bulbs 20.00 

All selections Prepaid 


T)arwiH ZuUps 

The most popular division of the Tulip family, both for 
garden decorations and as cut flowers. Their chief charac- 
teristic is the perfect cup-shape of the flower, tall stems and 
bright colors. Prices quoted are for top-size bulbs. 
AFTERGLOW 3 for 30c ; 12 for $1 .00 

A marvelous color combination of deep rosy orange, edges 
of petals tinted salmon; inside glossy orange. 28". 
BARTIGON 3 for 30c ; 12 for $1 .00 

Fiery red with white base edged blue. 23". 
BLEU AIMABLE 3 for 30c ; 12 for $1.00 

Pale lavender with white base, starred blue. Beautiful llower 
of distinct shape. 2b". 

CITY OF HAARLEM 3 for 40c ; 12 for $1.25 

Immense fiery cardinal red, of great substance. The deep 
violet base of this tulip outlined in white gives it a striking 
appearance. 31". 

CLARA BUTT 3 for 30c ; 12 for 90c ; 100 for $6.50 

Clear pure pink. The most popular pink Darwin for bedding 

and cutting. Lovely color and form. 22". 

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 3 for 30c ; 12 for $1.00 

Large flower of rose pink, toning to silvery rose at the edges. 

Deepens in color with age. Excellent. 26". 

WM. PITT 3 for 30c ; 12 for $1.00 

Very dark crimson with purplish shade on outer petals; 
white base starred blue. Large flower of distinct color and 
great beauty. 24". 

YELLOW GIANT 3 for 35c ; 12 for $1 .25 

Golden yellow tulip of great beauty and size. Large flower 
with black anthers. Tall, strong stem. Highly recommended. 

ZWANENBURG 3 for 35c ; 12 for $1 .25 

Pure white with black anthers. Fine large flower and good 
white Darwin. Lovely. 28". 


Best results are to be had by using soil that Tulips have not 
been grown in for at least two years. Growing more than 
two years in the same soil will eventually lead to failure. Do 
not use manure, if the soil needs fertility, mix bone meal 
with it at the rate of about three handfuls to the square yard. 
Plant 5 inches deep and at least 6 inches apart. In very 
severe climates a mulch of peat moss or leaves will be bene- 
ficial. This should be applied after the first freeze, and should 
not be over one inch deep. 

Cottage Zulips 

The Cottage Tulips come into bloom with the Darwins and 
Breeders. They are hardy and robust, with long, slender, very 
stiff stems. The flowers are mostly long and oval, and many 
are sweet scented. The Cottage Tulips as a class are rich in 
the more delicate and artistic shades of pink, yellow, orange 
and fawn, with salmon, old rose and amber. They are the 
best of all tulips for cutting, being the most graceful; and 
some of the shorter varieties with their brilliant colors are 
unsurpassed for bedding. 

ALBINO 3 for 50x ; 12 for $1 .50 

Pure white with yellow anthers; very early and fine. 20". 

AVIS KENNICOTT 3 for 30c ; 12 for $1.00 

Long pointed petal, yellow flower with striking black base, 
ivory stamens; lemon scented. 25". 

DIDO 3 for 35c ; 12 for $1.25 

Outside of petals salmon yellow, suffused with soft orange, 
inside bright orange. An outstanding tulip in any class. 
Fragrant. 28". 


3 for 35c; 12 for $1.25 

Rich crimson scarlet with brilliant blue base. The large 
flower of dazzling brilliancy resembles a large poppy. 26". 

GRENADIER 3 for 30c ; 12 for $1.00 

Bright orange with rich yellow base; large flower on strong 
stem; fragrant. 21". 

JEANNE DESOR 3 for 35c ; 12 for $1.25 

A striking color combination — deep rich yellow with broad 
border of scarlet toward the edges of the petals. Well formed 
flower of splendid substance; strong, stiff stems, outstanding. 

MRS. MOON 3 for 30c ; 12 for 90c 

Rich pure yellow with long pointed petals. Very popular and 
a fine cut-flower. Wonderful cut-flower in combination with 
La MerveiUe. 25". 

ORANGE KING 3 for 30c ; 12 for 90c 

Glistening deep orange, shaded rose, with yellow base. Large 
globular flowers, sweet scented. 23". 

SIRENE (Lily-Flowered Tulip) 3 for 30c; 12 for $1.00 

The most popular tulip in this class. Brilliant satin rose 
flower with pointed and reflexed petals. Pure white base. 
The flower has the graceful form and appearance of a lily. 
One of the most beautiful tulips for cutting. 

breeders, Kembrandts, and Parrot Zulips 

APOLLO (Rembrandt) 3 for 35c; 12 for $1.25 

Rosy lilac and white with deep carmine markings. Showy 
and different. 24". 

BRIGADIER (Breeder) 3 for 35c ; 12 for $1.25 

Deep bronze, shaded orange at the lighter edges. Medium 
height. An improvement over the Darwin tulip Afterglow. 
CHERBOURG (Breeder) 3 for 75c ; 12 for $2.50 

Undoubtedly one of the finest Breeder tulips. A deep tone of 
golden yellow with a suffusion of terra-cotta, the deeper tone 
of yellow growing stronger toward the edges of the petal. 
A distinct and beautiful novelty. 

FANTASY (Parrot) 3 for 45c ; 12 for $1.50 

The best of all pink Parrot tulips. A sport from the Darwin 
tulip, Clara Butt. The enormous flowers are carried on strong, 
erect stems. Apple green markings on the outside make this 
one of the most unique tulips. 20". 

INDIAN CHIEF (Breeder) 3 for 60c ; 12 for $2.00 

Large coppery-red blooms, flushed purple; yellow stamens. 
Unusual color. One of the largest and handsomest tulips. 32". 
LOUIS XIV (Breeder) 3 for 30c ; 12 for $1.00 

Rich, dark purple shaded steel blue, heavily flushed bronze, 
edged golden brown; enormous size and stately bearing. 30". 

LE DUEL 3 for 35c ; 12 for $1.25 

Pure yellow feathered black and brown; striking colors. 24". 
PRINCE OF ORANGE (Breeder) 3 for 30c ; 12 for $1.00 

Bronzy orange shading lighter orange at the edges of petals; 
base bright gold on brown; inside of flower rich orange and 
bronze. Late. 26". 

SPRING JOY 3 for 35c ; 12 for $1.25 

Delicate lavender with violet feathers; several shades of 
lavender and violet in each bloom. 24". 
SUNDEW (Parrot) 3 for 30c; 12 for $1.00 

Best described as a striking red Darwin with a frilled edge. 
A fine novelty, attracting attention whenever seen. Large 
flowers on stifT stems. 20". 

Mixed Darwins, Cottage and Breeder types. These bulbs 
will all be selected from the varieties listed in our catalog, so 
you are sure that you will be getting good varieties. There 
will be many beautiful colors, including pink, yellow, laven- 
der, red, bronze, orange, white, etc. The bulbs will be bedding 
size, which are ideal for planting outdoors in beds, borders, 
or for cutting. All will give fine blooms, and our customers 
have been well pleased with this special offer. 
Bedding size bulbs: Doz. 75c; 100 for $5.50, Postpaid 


This group of Bulbous Iris is of recent introduction. They 
are very superior to the old Spanish types; having more 
substance, bloom earlier, and stems are longer. The brilliancy 
and purity of color of these orchid-like flowers is unsurpassecl. 
As cut flowers they remain in good condition for a remark- 
able length of time, and in the garden have a blooming 
range of about six weeks. Although they are very hardy, a 
mulch will be beneficial in extreme climates. Plant 5 inches 

Numbers in parenthesis used in descriptions represent time 
of blooming, (1) being earliest and (7) the latest; 24" equals 
height in inches. 

DUTCH IRIS, 50c per dozen 
IMPERATOR (Filifolia) 

Fine uniform blue. The best late blue for forcing, very strong 
grower. (5) 22". 


Standards creamy white; falls canary yellow with orange 
stripe. Very attractive large flower. ( 4) 28". 

S. DE VLIEGER (Blue Horizon) 

Standards light violet blue; falls soft sky-blue, narrow orange 
stripe, large beautiful flower. (3) 27". 

WEDGEWOOD (Tingitana Hybrid) Doz. 60c 

About two weeks earlier than the regular Dutch Iris. Semi- 
hardy, and unexcelled for forcing. Standards medium blue, 
falls lighter blue. (1) 24". 


Uniform pure w hite, falls very broad with yellow stripe. (3) 


Clear golden yellow. Unexcelled for cutting. (3) 28". 

MIXED DUTCH IRIS Doz. 50c ; 100 for $3.50 

A splendid mixture made up of the above types and varieties 
of Dutch Iris and a few other colors, all fine varieties. This 
mixture will give a wonderful assortment of cut flowers, 
lasting several weeks. 


Spanish Iris blossoms are the same general shape as the 
Dutch Iris, but these bloom later than the Dutch, thus 
giving a longer iris blooming period. 


These perfectly beautiful ruffled yellow flowers are in a class 
all their own. Without a doubt it is the finest Spanish Iris 
and as large as any of the Dutch and more ruffled. The 
standards are lemon yellow; falls, beautifully ruffled, are 
golden yellow. Fine keeper as cut flower and makes a grand 
showing in the garden. (7) 26". 


If you have never'grown this beautiful Iris, try a few bulbs; 
you will be delighted. They thrive in any ordinary garden 
soil, multiply very rapidly, and are unexcelled for cut Ibowers. 
They bloom in late June and early July. Need some pro- 
tection in severe climates. Plant about 4 inches deep, during 
September. Of all the bulbous Iris, these are our favorites. 
A bouquet of these lovely flowers will be found as strikingly 
beautiful in color as many of the sumptuous orchids. Make 
lovely corsages. 

MIXED Doz. $1.00 

A mixture of various colors, including lovely orchids, light 
blue, dark blue, medium blue, purple, etc., all beautiful 
beyond description. 

1V1USCARI (Grape Hyacinth) 

Very beautiful for colorful borders, or in clumps in the rock 

HEAVENLY BLUE 12 for 50c ; 100 for $3.50 

Bright sky-blue. One of the best and largest of the Grape 

CROCUS, Spring Flowering 

These early cups of sunshine and brightness are among the 
loveliest of all spring flowering plants. Generally the first 
flower to bloom in very early spring (even before winter has 
left us) ; they like a rather sunny place in the garden to make 
the flowers open up fully and disclose their pistils and 
anthers of pure gold. 

MIXED CROCUS Doz. 50c; 100 for $3.75 

Hand mixed blooming size bulbs in a wide range of colors. 



12 for 50c; 100 for $3.50 

Each 5-inch stem bears a single pale blue flower with white 
center. Delightfully fragrant. Excellent in the rockery or 
under trees and shrubs. The bulbs increase rapidly and soon 
carpet the ground. Blooms at the same time as the daffodils. 


IXIOLIRION PALLASH (Siberian Bluebell) Doz. $1 

A new and rare flower of unusual lasting cjualities. An elegant 
and very showy hardy bulbous plant, bearing umbels of 
beautiful deep blue or violet tubular, six-lobed flowers in 
May and June. It thrives in any good deep light soil and a 
fairly open sunny situation. Height 10 to 12 inches. Very 
showy in borders and prized for cutting. 


Show your members the 
NEW Colored Movie 

success and popularity enjoyed by our previous 
Kodachrome movie, "Iris Time, " has moved us to 
assemble a completely new program. While it still 
features Iris, this new release opens with spring's first 
blossoms — lovely Daffodils and tender bursting buds. 
Although no definite line is drawn, it really constitutes 
a feature in three parts: 

Entirely in natural color, most of the scenes were taken 
in our own display garden and fields, and in those of 
Dr. Kleinsorge. With beautifully landscaped back- 
grounds and broad sweeps of lawn, a host of the newest 
daffodils give you a taste of what spring always has in 
store. These are followed by tulips, gorgeous flowering 
crabs and cherries, azaleas in cream and salmon and 
flame! And the lilacs! There is a regular lilac show, for 
one of the features of this garden has always been the 
collection of Hybrid Lilacs. 

And this brings us to Iris Time. It is like meeting all 
the names in the catalogs face to face and in person! 
There are scenes of iris in mass and a host of latest 
novelties shown close up as individual specimens. In 
Dr. Kleinsorge's garden you will be shown many ex- 
ceptional seedlings not yet introduced. 

There are scenes taken in the field at digging time, 
showing the harvesting of rhizomes and the method of 
division and transplanting. 

This program is available to garden clubs and similar 
groups upon payment of a rental fee of $5. Due to 
close proximity of bookings it is suggested that you 
arrange for a reservation date as far in advance as 
possible. About 50 bookings can be accommodated 
during the combined fall, winter and spring of 1943-44. 
Sometimes the films must travel by air express to make 
connections. We pay all transportation costs. 

The film is 16mm in size, silent type, but with a com- 
plete narrative incorporated into it. Total running time 
is about forty-five minutes. Clubs must obviously fur- 
nish their own 16mm projector and screen. Plan now to 
enjoy this colorful garden show during the coming sea- 
son. Any further information may be had by writing us. 

1 . Daffodil Time 

2. Tulip and Lilac Time 

3. Iris Time